Dr M Back To Getting Behind the Wheel in Checking Out City

Dr Mahathir is back to getting behind the wheel and driving himself around to check on the city.

Nurul Izzah Won’t Join Cabinet

Anwar Ibrahim says Nurul Izzah won't join the Cabinet.

Wan Azizah Declined King’s Offer of PM Post

Wan Azizah declined King's offer of PM post.

Sichuan Airlines Co-Pilot ‘Sucked Halfway’ Out of Cockpit

Sichuan Airlines co-pilot was 'sucked halfway' out of the cockpit when the windshield broke.

Prices Expected To Drop Without 6% GST

Prices are expected to drop without 6% GST.

Israeli Joy, Palestinian Fury over US Embassy Launch in Jerusalem

Israeli joy but Palestinian fury over the US embassy launch in Jerusalem.

Zero-Rated GST from June 1, No More Fuel Price Yo-Yo

Zero-rated GST from June 1 and no more weekly fuel price adjustments.

Anti-Fake News Law First on Committee’s Agenda

Anti-fake news law first on the agenda of Committee on Institutional Reforms.

Bersih Wants EC Commissioners Removed, Charged over GE14 Violations

Bersih wants EC commissioners removed and charged over GE14 violations.

Zeti: We Will Tell How GST Can Be Abolished in 100 Days

The 'Council of Elders' will tell how GST an be abolished in 100 days.