Anwar: Anti-Sodomy Laws Completely Unjust

Anwar says anti-sodomy laws completely unjust.

Going Public with Asset Declarations Hailed by Malaysians

Going public with asset declarations hailed by Malaysians.

DPM Criticised for Shrugging Off Her Duties in Latest Child Marriage Case

The Deputy Prime Minister was criticised for shrugging off her duties in the latest child marriage case.

Nurul Izzah Says Thanks but No Thanks to Cabinet Post

Nurul Izzah says thanks but no thanks to Cabinet post.

Kadir: Word Going Round Umno Seeking Merger with Bersatu

Kadir Jasin says word is going round that Umno is seeking a merger with Bersatu.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut Sees Hundreds of Flights Cancelled

Super typhoon Mangkhut sees hundreds of flights cancelled.

The Disappearance of Film Star Fan Bingbing amid Culture Crackdown

The disappearance of film star Fan Bingbing amid culture crackdown.

‘Potential Nepotism’ Fears if Anwar, Wife, Daughter All in Power

'Potential nepotism' fears if Anwar, his wife and daughter are all in power, says Ambiga.

Lodge SST Complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp

Lodge SST complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp.

Celebrating Malaysian Hospitality with Malaysia Airlines’ Malaysia Day Video

Celebrating Malaysian hospitality with Malaysia Airlines' Malaysia Day video.