Chin Tong: Najib Banking on PH Dissolution to Escape Jail

Najib is hoping to avoid incarceration by counting on a break-up of the PH administration mid-term, Liew Chin Tong claimed.

Judicial Rot Started from Eusoff’s Time, Says Zaid Ibrahim

Zaid Ibrahim is the latest to add his voice to the formation of an RCI to scrutinise the allegations of judicial impropriety.

Reform Committee Chief: GE14 “Worst” Election Ever

Electoral reforms chief accused the EC of taking sides in the May 9 general election, calling it the worst-held elections in Malaysia.

DAP’s Dr Boo: Those Against PH’s GE14 Promises Should Quit

Johor DAP committee member Boo Cheng Hau has urged those against Pakatan's pre-election promises to quit.

Report: Judge Refuses MACC Interview, Insists on RCI for Alleged Judicial Misconduct

Judge Hamid Sultan has declined to have his statement recorded by the MACC on his claims of judicial misconduct.

Rough Treatment for Maszlee from Academics at Dialogue

Maszlee slammed for failing to address the real issues behind the degeneration of country’s education to its “rock bottom” state.

Mum of Indon Maid Tortured to Death in Malaysia Calls for Justice

A year after the death of an Indonesian maid who was forced to sleep outside next to a dog, her mother called for justice.

Patriot to Putrajaya: Punish “Little Napoleons” Who Sabotage Government

Civil servants who fail to carry out the directives of the Pakatan Harapan government should be disciplined.

Siti Kasim to Sue Police for Raiding Her House

Siti Kasim said she will take legal action against the police for raiding her house last year on suspicion that she had abducted a client.

Marzuki’s Integrity Questioned

Reactions to remarks by Marzuki Yahya who said his degree was from the Cambridge International University in the United States, after previously saying he had a degree from the University of Cambridge.