Melaka High Court Allows Voters to Challenge Redelineation

The Melaka High Court has allowed seven voters to challenge the Election Commission's redelineation exercise.

Chinese Widow Cares for Disabled Neighbour for over Three Decades

A Chinese widow has cared for her disabled neighbour for over three decades.

400-Strong Team Begins Raids on KL Nightspots

400-strong team begins raids on KL nightspots.

India Introduces Death Penalty for Child Rapists

India introduces the death penalty for child rapists.

Monkey Business

Monkeys were captured on video removing Barisan Nasional banners.

16 Umno Dissidents Challenge Their Sacking

16 Umno dissidents challenge their sacking, filing a contempt proceeding.

Unwed Couples and Prostitutes Lashed in Aceh’s Last Public Caning

Unwed couples and prostitutes lashed in what could possibly be Aceh's last public caning.

16 Umno Members Want Party Activities Suspended

16 Umno members are going to court to seek a dissolution of Umno.

Court Orders Ratu Naga’s Trial to Proceed

The Court of Appeal has ordered Ratu Naga's trial of insulting the prime minister to proceed.

10,000 Selangor Voters Fail Court Challenge Against EC Redelineation Report

10,000 Selangor voters fail in their court challenge against the Election Commission's redelineation report.