A Father’s Last Wish of Walking Daughter Down Aisle

A father's last wish of walking his daughter down the aisle.

All AES Summonses Cancelled, Strict Enforcement from Sept 1

All AES summonses will be cancelled, with strict enforcement from Sept 1.

One Voice for Setia

Politicians from both sides of the divide sing the classic patriotic song Setia.

Animangaki 2018 in Its 10th Year

Animangaki 2018 in its 10th year.

Survey: Declining Euphoria but Dr M Highly Popular

A survey shows the euphoria of GE14 is declining but Dr Mahathir Mohamad is highly popular.

Support for Pekan MP to Air His Views

Support for Najib to air his views from Tengku Razaleigh and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

Two Women Sentenced to Caning for Lesbian Sex in Terengganu

Two women were sentenced to caning for lesbian sex in Terengganu.

A-G: Leak Sensitive Info and Face Prosecution

The Attorney-General has warned that those who leak sensitive information will face prosecution.

Nazri Claims Shocked by Revelations About 1MDB, Najib, Rosmah

Nazri claims shocked by revelations about 1MDB, Najib and Rosmah.

Dr M’s China Visit to Iron out Kinks in Relationship

Dr Mahathir's China visit to iron out kinks in the relationship.