Crime Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

In the coming months, many employees in the private sector will be out of jobs, and self-employed people that include freelancers and independent contract workers will be without work.

Just Offer Tabligh Members Yet to Be Tested RM100 Per Head

Something is not right with the numbers.

Sudhagaran Stanley: Can My Backdoor PM Use RM250B Without Parliament’s Approval?

The big question of the legality of announcing the RM250 Billion Economic Aid Package.

Knock-Down Blow for Malaysia’s Tourism Industry

The RM250 billion economic stimulus package announced by Muhyiddin Yassin last Friday was more like a knock-down blow for the local tourism industry.

Patriot: Be Clear on Source of Fund, Distribution Channels

Patriot has voiced their concern that the RM250 billion stimulus package announced were sung praises by politicians and economists without worrying about the source of funds.

Kit Siang: Parliament Must Debate Covid-19 Stimulus Package

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang wants Prime Minister Muhiyiddin Yassin to convene a two-day emergency parliamentary sitting to debate his economic stimulus package.

Mariam Mokhtar on Dumping of Vegetables and Fish

Photos of vegetables and fish being dumped have upset many Malaysians.

As Good as an Admission of Govt Profiteering from the People in Times of...

Muhyiddin says now giving free masks bought at only RM1.18.

Kit Siang: Govt Should Provide Cash Covid-19 Aid

Lim Kit Siang today said Muhyiddin Yassin should modify his proposal yesterday to allow withdrawals from the EPF and instead provide cash support from government reserves.

Analysts: Folk Need Cash Now

Putrajaya should inject cash directly into the pockets of citizens through an expanded stimulus package instead of depleting their retirement savings in the EPF.