Why The True Net?

Two reasons.

Firstly, to stand up and be counted in the war to push back the proliferation of fake and bias news. Our experience lies in lifestyle publishing – more than 20 years of it – and we have always been conscientious about the accuracy of content. Thus, it was the natural progression to move into the independent news sphere and contribute towards fact reporting unblemished by bias – old-fashioned it may be, but sound and sorely lacking these days.

The True Net strips bare fake news, hoaxes and myths to reveal the truth beneath lies and propaganda by curating true, relevant and compelling news from around the Web.

While we are obliged to cover validated bad news, we also bring to light the good. That’s the second reason – to uplift with encouraging news and stories. Applicable to our daily lives, the inspiring content covers everything from work to play, health to holidays, people and relationships, to engaging topics that matter.

We pledge to stay true to our core beliefs and values – fighting falsehood with the truth, overcoming fear with boldness, dousing hate with love and goodwill.

Our content is suitable for all adults, with our target audience being Millennials, the most tech and mobile savvy generation who are now in their early 20s to late 30s – the ideal audience to communicate with via this digital platform. Although we are a Malaysian-based operation, The True Net reaches a global audience with its cosmopolitan content.

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Any support is very much appreciated as we are not corporate or elite controlled but are independent, non-partisan and self-funded, which enable us to take on a neutral stance and share our honest analysis of heart-based news without fear or favour.

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