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Senate Passes SST

Senate passes the SST.

Two PKR Candidates Warned for Breaching Election Regulations

Two PKR candidates have been warned for breaching election regulations.

BN Backs Motion to Reopen 1MDB Probe

Barisan Nasional backs the motion to reopen the 1MDB probe.

Accused to Enter Defence for Jong-nam’s Murder

The two women accused of murdering Kim Jong-nam have been ordered to enter their defence.

Mat Sabu to MACC: Probe Anyone in Mindef, Even in My...

Mat Sabu has told the MACC to probe anyone in Mindef, even in his office.

1MDB Probe ‘Slow’ as Many Agencies Involved

1MDB probe is 'slow' as many agencies are involved.

Wife of Slain Cradle CEO Slams Probe, Disputes Police Claim of...

The wife of slain Cradle CEO Nazrin Hassan has slammed the probe into his death, disputing the police's claim of murder.

Dr M Demands Proof of Plot Against Anwar

Dr Mahathir Mohamad demands proof of a plot against Anwar Ibrahim.

Guan Eng Not Going to China so He can ‘Settle’ GST,...

Lim Guan Eng is not going to China so he can 'settle' the GST and SST bills.

Cops to Use English on PM’s Directive

The police to use English on the directive of the Prime Minister.

Claims of Plot to Stop Anwar Becoming PM

Claims of plot to stop Anwar from becoming the Prime Minister.

Jho Low Accuses Dr M of Ignoring the Law

Jho Low accuses Dr Mahathir of ignoring the law.

Nga: MCA’s Cheating Attitude Using Own Logo in Balakong

Nga Kor Ming on MCA's cheating attitude using own logo in Balakong.

Dr M Inspects Equanimity, Confirms Bought with 1MDB Money

Dr Mahathir inspects Equanimity and confirms it was bought with 1MDB money.

MACC to Quiz Najib over Claim That RM3.5M Belongs to Umno

MACC to quiz Najib over his claim that RM3.5 million belongs to Umno.




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