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Sack Troublemakers at Youth Congress, Orders Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim wants those involved in the scuffle that took place during the youth congress today to be sacked.

Chaotic Start to PKR Youth Congress

Chaos erupted at the PKR Youth Congress opening this morning as sacked permanent chairman Mizan Adli Md Noor was smuggled in amid heavy security.

CAP Chief’s Stinging Attack on Grand-Nephew After Anwar Sexual Misconduct Claims

The great-uncle of Muhammad Yusoff Rawther claims the former research officer of Anwar Ibrahim has been manipulated by politicians.

Patriot Tells MACC: Charge PKR Duo if You Have Proof of...

The MACC should charge former PKR members Zakaria Abdul Hamid and Ismail Duhladi if there is evidence of their involvement in graft, said Patriot.

Dr M: Shamsiah, Rashid Came Back, Why Not Chin Peng’s Ashes?

Dr Mahathir has questioned the motives of those playing up the repatriation of the remains of Chin Peng, while A-G Tommy Thomas hits back at Annuar Musa over Chin Peng barb.

Akmal: PKR Won’t Be Deregistered for Sacking Youth Pair

PKR duo too old to retain positions.

Anwar: Azmin Must Explain Meeting with Umno Reps

Azmin should explain the meeting he held with BN lawmakers at his official residence last night.

Dr M: Power Transition to Be Decided When Time Comes

Dr Mahathir conceded today that PH’s loss of the Tanjung Piai parliamentary seat to BN could be his fault.

Three Different Answers on What Transpired at Azmin’s Meeting

Strange hour and place for a meeting dismissed as “nothing important”.

Uneasiness over BN MPs’ Meeting at Azmin’s House

A group of BN MPs attended a meeting with PKR deputy president Azmin Ali last night in what is believed to be an attempt to thwart moves to force the departure of Dr Mahathir.

Fake Message: PM to Announce Resignation Soon

An officer from the Prime Minister's Office today denied that Dr Mahathir would immediately announce his resignation as stated in a message being circulated on social media.

Bombshell: Arul Kanda to Be Called as Prosecution Witness in 1MDB...

Court rejects Najib’s request to postpone, 1MDB audit trial commences.

What PH Leaders Say About Tg Piai Loss

The landslide win accorded to BN in the Tg Piai by-election is a sign of how dissatisfied the people are with the government’s implementation of reform, said top leaders of PH.

BN Takes Commanding Lead in Tg Piai

At 7.30pm, Wee Jeck Seng leading by more than 10,000 votes.

Rafizi Acquitted over NFC Bank Info Leak, Not Keen on Political...

Rafizi Ramli said he did not want to return as a lawmaker soon notwithstanding his acquittal of the criminal conviction that previously disqualified him from standing for elections.

PKR Wanita Delgates Get Standing Ovation for Speeches Rejecting Racism, Child Marriage

Ask what you can get for rakyat and not yourselves, PKR women’s chief tells delegates.

AG: Appeal Against Rafizi Done Without His Knowledge, to Act Against Errant Officers

Tommy Thomas shocked by news reports that the AGC had appealed against the acquittal of Rafizi Ramli.

Don’t Come, Hilman, Dr Wan Azizah Quips

Don’t attend the PKR Congress if you don’t want to, Dr Wan Azizah said to Youth deputy chief Hilman Idham.

Totally Untrue: A-G Debunks Zahid’s Tit-for-Tat Claim over Chin Peng’s Ashes

A-G Tommy Thomas has clarified that he never communicated with Zahid Hamidi regarding the ashes of Chin Peng.

PAS: Back Door, Front Door, We’ll Take Any One

PAS today said it had no problem with forming a backdoor government, unlike Umno which earlier said it would only take over from PH through formal means.

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