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Umno Rules No Contest Against Najib, Zahid for Top Two Posts

Umno rules no contest against Najib and Zahid for the top two posts.

Uproar over Sheila’s Tweet, from “Go to Hell!” to Being Out...

The uproar over Sheila Majid's tweet on socio-economic issues.

Wanita Umno Division Chief Wants Curfew for Under 21-Year-Olds

Wanita Umno division chief Noor Aieni Mohd Ali wants the government to impose a 10pm to 5am curfew on everyone below 21 years old to help curb drug abuse and vice activities.

Bank Negara Warns of Illegal Money Lenders

Bank Negara is warning the public to be wary of illegal money lenders.

Sheila Majid Laments Current Economic Issues

Sheila Majid took to Twitter to lament current economic woes such as the high cost of living and the weak ringgit.

Help for Malaysian Fleeing Abuse Barred from Boarding Flight Home

A Malaysian woman fleeing her abusive mother-in-law in India was barred from boarding her flight home to Kuala Lumpur because she had overstayed.

The World’s ‘Longest-Lasting Rainbow’

The world's 'longest-lasting rainbow' appeared in Taipeh on November 30 for a continuous nine hours.

Lim Guan Eng Visits Anwar Ibrahim

Lim Guan Eng visits Anwar Ibrahim.

AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines Provide Alternative Arrangements for 1,400 Msians Stranded in...

AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines are providing alternative arrangements for 1,400 Malaysians stranded in Bali.

Pay Traffic Summonses Issued After May 1 or Face Court Action...

Errant offenders with Awas summonses still have a month to pay or they face court action and pay double in early 2018.


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