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Shahrizat Retires from Politics

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil retires from politics.

France Pursuing Scorpene Corruption Scandal

Lim Guan Eng says France is pursuing Scorpene corruption scandal.

Former Bank Negara Deputy Nor Shamsiah Named New Governor

Former Bank Negara Deputy Nor Shamsiah named as the new Governor.

Najib, Rosmah Back in KL from Langkawi Holiday

Najib and Rosmah back in KL from Langkawi holiday.

Queen E Award-Winning Activist Joins DAP to Further Fight for Refugee...

Award-winning activist Heidy Quah joins DAP to further fight for refugee rights.

DAP To Recruit Heidy Quah, Recipient of Queen Elizabeth Award

DAP to recruit Heidy Quah, recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Young Leaders Award last year.

AirAsia To Start Flights to Ipoh, Restart Kuantan

AirAsia to start flights to Ipoh and restarting flights to Kuantan.

Hoping To See Malaysia Airlines Fly High Again

Transport Minister Anthony Loke hopes to see Malaysia Airlines fly high again.

Spotted: Najib and Rosmah in Langkawi

Najib and Rosmah have been spotted in Langkawi.

Najib’s “Homely” Hari Raya Open House in Pekan

Najib's "homely" Hari Raya open house in Pekan.

PM Overwhelmed by Turnout at Open House

The Prime Minister was overwhelmed by the turnout at Pakatan Harapan's open house.

MCA Told to Donate to TH to Show Remorse

MCA told to donate to Tabung Harapan to show remorse for associating with those who allegedly "robbed" the country.

Police Seize 40 Luxury Bags from Raid on Putrajaya House

Police seize 40 luxury bags from a raid on a Najib-linked Putrajaya house.

Chin Tong to File Petition Challenging Ayer Hitam Election Result

Liew Chin Tong to file a petition challenging the Ayer Hitam election result.

Agong Takes a Pay Cut, Cancels Raya Open House

Agong takes a pay cut and cancels Raya open house.




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