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Muslim Drummer Girl in Lion Dance Troupe Viral Video

A Muslim drummer girl in a lion dance troupe captured in action in viral video draws positive responses.

High Court Throws Out Hindraf’s Suit on Zakir Naik

The High Court has thrown out Hindraf's suit on Zakir Naik.

Stepmother Allegedly Forced Girl to Drink Boiling Water, Scalding Her Lips

The stepmother of a seven-year-old girl allegedly forced her to drink boiling water, scalding her lips.

Calls for Ban on ‘Electric Shock’ Chewing Gum

Calls for ban on 'electric shock' chewing gum.

Dr M Admitted to IJN with Chest Infection

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted to IJN with chest infection.

Soldier Father of Abused Girl Confesses to Also Beating Son

Soldier father of abused girl confesses to also beating his son.

Missing Argentine Girl Found, Reunited with Mother in Indonesia

Missing Argentine girl Alum Langone Avalos has been found and reunited with her mother in Indonesia.

Kelantan Palace Strips Husam and Wan Rahim of Datukship

Kelantan palace strips Amanah leaders Husam Musa and Wan Rahim Wan Abdullah of datukship.

Big Bang’s Taeyang Marries Actress Min Hyo-rin in K-Pop ‘Wedding of...

Big Bang's Taeyang marries actress Min Hyo-rin in k-pop 'wedding of the year'.

Army Sergeant Who Treated Abused Daughter Like a Commando Recruit

Abused girl Nur Aina Nabihah Muhammad Abdullah was treated like a commando recruit by her soldier father but she was a devoted daughter who never spoke ill of her family


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