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Girl’s Spine Injured by Bullies

A nine-year-old girl who allegedly is a victim of bullying has a damaged spine resulting from injuries sustained after getting beaten by three school bullies.

Heartbroken Nora’s Family Will Always Love Her, Thank Everyone for Love,...

Nora Anne Quoirin’s family have expressed their gratitude to rescue workers for tirelessly searching for the teenager, who was found dead yesterday. In a short...

Kayak Belonging to Two Missing Singaporeans Found

A kayak believed to belong to two missing Singaporeans in the waters of Mersing, was found by local fishermen in the waters of Tanjung Gelang, Kuantan, Pahang yesterday.

Parents Confirm Body Is Nora

The family of Nora Quoirin has confirmed today that the body of a female found earlier today in the jungle area near The Dusun resort was of their daughter.

SAR for Nora: Ops Team Gets Time Off for Aidiladha Prayers

Police worried for survival of Irish girl missing in Malaysia.

Cabinet Nod for Khat in Vernacular Schools, but with Adjustments

Khat lessons for vernacular primary schools will begin next year as planned.

Police to Use Mum’s Voice to Draw out Missing Irish Teen...

The search and rescue team will play the recorded voice of Nora’s mother to draw out the teenager with special needs after combing the jungle for the girl to no avail.

Crowdfund for Missing Irish Teen Hits £50,000 Target

An online fundraising campaign initiated by the aunt of missing 15-year-old Nora Quoirin reached its target of £50,000 (RM255,084).

One Month On, Medical and Forensic Reports on Perak Exco’s Alleged...

Police will submit to the state prosecutor today the forensic and medical reports in the investigation of rape allegations involving Paul Yong.

Najib Fails in Third and Final Bid to Remove Sri Ram...

In a unanimous ruling, the Federal Court today rejected Najib's last attempt to remove Gopal Sri Ram as the lead prosecutor in his 1MDB trial set to begin August 19.

Mara-Sponsored Student Dies in Sydney

Mara has confirmed that one of its sponsored students, Amirul Ashraff Md Azhar, 22, died at his residence in Sydney, Australia.

Jho Low Trying to Block Distribution of 1MDB Documentary ‘The Kleptocrats’

Jho Low is said to be trying to block a documentary called The Kleptocrats, based on the 1MDB controversy, from further distribution.

Zakir Naik’s Followers Allegedly Helping to Hide Indira Gandhi’s Daughter

Perlis-based preacher Zamri Vinoth has challenged a group representing Indira Gandhi to prove its claim that supporters of Zakir Naik were sheltering the woman’s ex-husband.

Bomb Threat at KL Court Complex, Najib’s Trial Halted

Najib's money laundering trial was adjourned due to a bomb threat at the Jalan Duta court in Kuala Lumpur.

Musa Aman Gets Back Passport for Overseas Medical Treatment

Musa Aman can get his impounded passport to travel abroad for medical treatment.




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