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Deputy IGP: Claims of Weekend Racial Riots Untrue

Claims of racial riots taking place this weekend are untrue.

Zahid’s Trial: 39 Insurance Policies Totalling RM72K for 20 Vehicles

Zahid and family had bought 39 insurance policies for 20 vehicles owned by his family totalling RM72,209.57 from Allianz General Insurance.

Accused: Cadet Officer Zulfarhan Cried Out “Don’t” When Scalded with Hot...

Cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain cried out when the fourth accused in the trial of his murder twice placed a hot and steaming iron on his thigh.

Chin Peng’s Ashes: Deputy Minister’s Office to Lodge Report over RPK’s...

Liew Chin Tong's office will file a police report over an allegation that the idea of smuggling the ashes of Chin Peng was purportedly mooted by the Deputy Defence Minister.

‘Datuk’ Businessman Charged with Molesting Three Women During Job Interview

A businessman pleaded not guilty at the Ipoh magistrate’s court today on 10 counts of molesting three women last July.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Fire Originated in Two Places

Two handphones found in good condition near Nazrin's body, no evidence of an explosion on the handphones.

Zahid’s Trial: Couple Owns 18 Luxury Vehicles

RM35k on road tax alone for fleet of vehicles. A BMW 320i (A), an AUDI Q7, and a Mercedes Benz CLS 350 were among 18...

No Electricity Tariff Surcharge for Domestic Consumers from Jan-Jun 2020

The electricity tariff for domestic consumers will be maintained while the surcharge for commercial and industrial users will be reduced from Jan 1-June 30 next year.

Tourism Ministry to Act Against Tattoo Expo Organiser

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture will take appropriate action against the organiser of Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019 following the semi-nude modelling seen at the event.

Anifah Aman Loses Appeal over Kimanis Seat

The Federal Court today upheld the Election Court ruling nullifying Anifah Aman’s victory in the Kimanis parliamentary seat in the last general election.

Speaker: MPs Using Abusive Language Will Be Dismissed from Dewan Rakyat

Any Member of Parliament who has been found to be verbally abusive will be subjected to stern action, including being suspended from attending a sitting at the Dewan Rakyat for a period of time.

Director: I Gave Zahid RM2 Million

A director of a one-stop visa processing centre (OSC) company claimed that Zahid Hamidi received RM2 million in bribes from him.

Anwar Tells Sarawak Convention: PKR Still Strong, 90% Loyal to Us

The 2019 Sarawak PKR convention is finally underway today with nearly 1,500 delegates from all 30 of the party’s branches in the state congregating at Pullman Miri Waterfront hotel.

Saifuddin Nasution: Sarawak PKR Convention to Proceed as Planned on Saturday

The Sarawak PKR convention will go on as scheduled this Saturday in Miri.

Navy Veterans Ask MACC to Probe Delay in Delivering Six Combat...

Contract signed in January 2014, with delivery in April 2019.

PKR Wanita Delgates Get Standing Ovation for Speeches Rejecting Racism, Child Marriage

Ask what you can get for rakyat and not yourselves, PKR women’s chief tells delegates.

AG: Appeal Against Rafizi Done Without His Knowledge, to Act Against Errant Officers

Tommy Thomas shocked by news reports that the AGC had appealed against the acquittal of Rafizi Ramli.

Don’t Come, Hilman, Dr Wan Azizah Quips

Don’t attend the PKR Congress if you don’t want to, Dr Wan Azizah said to Youth deputy chief Hilman Idham.

Totally Untrue: A-G Debunks Zahid’s Tit-for-Tat Claim over Chin Peng’s Ashes

A-G Tommy Thomas has clarified that he never communicated with Zahid Hamidi regarding the ashes of Chin Peng.

PAS: Back Door, Front Door, We’ll Take Any One

PAS today said it had no problem with forming a backdoor government, unlike Umno which earlier said it would only take over from PH through formal means.

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