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Lighter Side of Dr M and Wife

The lighter side of Dr Mahathir and Siti Hasmah.

Axe Will Fall on Corrupt Ministers

Dr Mahthir says the axe will fall on corrupt ministers.

Company Director Remanded over Sarawak Solar Project Probe

A company director has been remanded over a Sarawak solar project probe.

Najib’s Family Starts Legal Process to Recover Seized ‘Gifts’

Najib's family starts the legal process to recover seized 'gifts'.

Hisbah Lodges MACC Report on Former Finance Minister for Graft, Power...

Hisbah lodges MACC report on a former finance minister for graft and power abuse.

Worms Causing Anisakiasis Disease Found in Canned Sardines from China

Worms causing anisakiasis disease were found in canned sardines from China.

Vincent Tan To Sell Entire Stake in T7 Global Following Controversy

Vincent Tan to sell his entire stake in T7 Global following the controversy that the government decided against scrapping the ECRL because he had a stake in it.

Report: 1,000 in Money-Laundering Probe

Allegedly 1,000 names are in a list of people to be probed over the 1MDB scandal.

Accolades for Thomas: Impeccable Credentials, “Straighter Than a Ruler”

Accolades for Tommy Thomas include impeccable credentials and being "straighter than a ruler".

Rafizi Spared Jail Sentence, Bound Over for Exposing 1MDB Audit

Rafizi was spared a jail sentence and was bound over for exposing a 1MDB audit report.

Prosecution to Prove Teens Set Out to Commit Murder in Tahfiz...

The prosecution will prove two teens set out to commit murder in the tahfiz arson that killed 23 people.

Purchase of RM5.7B Train Sets from China Made Without Tender

The purchase of RM5.7 billion train sets from China was made without tender.

Police Record Statement of Najib’s Daughter Nooryana

Police have recorded the statement of Najib's daughter Nooryana due to her dissatisfaction with the police after items she alleged were wedding gifts were seized.

Alleged Mastermind of Brutal JB Petrol Station Murder Nabbed in Thailand

Alleged mastermind of brutal Johor Baru petrol station murder nabbed in Thailand.

Police Investigating NGO Stopping Store from Selling Liquor

Police are investigating the NGO that stopped a store from selling liquor.




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