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Celebrity Wardina Safiyyah Lashes Out at ‘Gatal’ Preachers and Religious Men

Wardina Safiyyah lashed out at the lascivious behaviour of lewd preachers and religious men and called for them to “be a man” and not use religion to justify their lust.

Activist tells PM: Kick Out Zakir Naik for the Sake of...

A warning that with Islamofascism having crept into mainstream thinking, Malaysia was in a dire situation.

AirAsia Passenger Tells How Baby Died in Her Arms on Flight...

A Perth woman who held a stranger's two-month-old baby as she died in her arms aboard an international flight.

Sex Slave of Subang ‘Ustaz’ Lodges Police Report with Wife

Brought to suspect’s house to be treated for health problems, ended up as his sex slave for two years.

Well-Planned Scheme Using ‘Proof of Payment’ to Dupe Luxury Vehicle Sellers

More than a dozen luxury cars worth millions of ringgit have been lost in a well-planned scheme that has left the police exasperated.

Unwise, Shariah Lawyer Says of Anina’s Comments on Good Friday Billboard

A shariah lawyer has taken former PPBM women’s chief Anina Saadudin to task for her criticism of a billboard in Sabah showing a Good Friday greeting for Christians.

Glittering Images of Tengku Mahkota Kelantan’s Wedding to Swede Released

Marriage of Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan to Swedish national Sofie Louise Johansson.

PM Burdened by “Three Times More Work”, but Cabinet Learning

Dr Mahathir admits he is now burdened with "three times more work" than during his first tenure as prime minister.

Gobind: Lack of Experience, Financial Constraints Reasons for “Flip-Flops”

Gobind has attributed lack of experience by government ministers and financial constraints as reasons behind "flip-flops".

Government Plans to Buy Out Kg Baru

The government is looking to buy out all the landowners in Kampung Baru in an effort to finally redevelop the Malay enclave in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr M Puzzled by Delay in Nod for New CJ Candidate

Dr Mahathir said he was perplexed by the expanded royal assent needed to appoint a new chief justice.

Home Ministry Giving “Flimsy” Excuses for Not Repealing Oppressive Laws

The Home Ministry's response to accusations of backtracking on reforms is flimsy.

Celebrity Religious Teacher PU Abu Regrets, Apologises for Divorcing Pregnant Wife

After being ridiculed for divorcing his seven-month pregnant wife, Islamic reality television personality PU Abu wants to clear the air.

Ambiga Slams the Power-Mad, Reminds PH of “Deep Moral Duty”

Ambiga says right now the focus has to be the people and for the good of the country.

PM: Fear Leads to Cover-Ups Instead of Holding Rulers Accountable

Dr Mahathir is known for not mincing words even when commenting on a subject which most consider sensitive such as the Malay rulers.




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