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After MACC, Special Branch Zooms in on Nik Abduh over CIA...

The Special Branch is investigating Nik Abduh Nik over his claim of having links with the CIA.

Rough Treatment for Maszlee from Academics at Dialogue

Maszlee slammed for failing to address the real issues behind the degeneration of country’s education to its “rock bottom” state.

Da Ma Cai-Sponsored Police Trip to Turkey Approved During BN Era

Lim Guan Eng today shot back at an Umno leader over remarks linked to Da Ma Cai sponsorship of a police working trip overseas, saying it was approved by the BN government.

Indira Wants Cops to Reveal Status of Search for Missing Daughter

M Indira Gandhi has urged the IGP to make public the status of the search for her daughter Prasana Diksa.

PayPal Malaysia Shuts Doors, VSS Begins April to August

PayPal Malaysia has initiated a VSS for all of its local employees starting April to August 2019 in light of plans to shut down its operations centre here.

Blogger Files MACC Report Against Ambiga over RM90M Payment

Ambiga is key in the MACC investigation into allegations that RM90mil was paid to PAS, claims blogger Raggie Jessy.

Fake Picture of Hospitalised DPM

A picture of Dr Wan Azizah Wan in hospital with Lim Kit Siang is an old one and the writings accompanying it are fake.

Kit Siang: Can Malaysia Break Away from Suspicion, Distrust?

Malaysians must trust and have faith in each other and not fall prey to toxic politics of fear, hate and distrust, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang said.

MACC Opens Probe on Taman Rimba Kiara

Anti-graft investigators are looking into allegations of corruption in the redevelopment of Taman Rimba Kiara into luxury apartments.

Finance Ministry Says Malaysia Today Article Fake News

Police reports have been lodged against Malaysia Today for publishing an untrue article stating that the Finance Ministry has ordered all Malaysian Muslims to only perform the umrah to Mecca through Tabung Haji.

Kadir Jasin: Did PAS Withdraw Suit Fearing ‘the Truth’?

PAS may have withdrawn its defamation suit against whistle-blower website Sarawak Report due to fear of losing should it undergo a full trial,

Top Criminal Lawyer Sithambaram Joins Team to Prosecute Najib

Top criminal lawyer V Sithambaram will be added to the government’s team for next week’s money laundering case against Najib Razak.

Cops: No Probe of Russians in ‘Baby Throwing’ Act Unless Report...

Police say they are unable to investigate a Russian couple behind a street act of flinging a six-month-old baby in an acrobatic fashion.

Ambiga: PAS Must Say How It Spent Donations for Sarawak Report...

PAS owes an explanation to those who donated towards Hadi Awang’s legal costs to sue Sarawak Report.

Kit Siang: No Intention to Become Minister

Lim Kit Siang has rubbished claims that he is lobbying to gain a position in the government’s Cabinet.




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