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Passionate War Cries from Umno’s Top Guns Ahead of GE14

Passionate war cries from Umno's Top Guns, Najib Razak and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, ahead of General Election 14.

Petronas Offers Six Million Vouchers Worth RM72M

Petronas offers six million vouchers worth RM72 million.

In Klang, Woman Abducted in Less Than 30 Secs

A woman in Klang was abducted in less than 30 seconds just outside her workplace.

Wanted: 3 Suspects over Alleged Abuse of 16-Year-Old Who Died

Police are on the lookout for three suspects over the alleged abuse of a 16-year-old student who died.

Malaysia Under Spotlight in Freedom of Thought Index After Atheist ‘Hunt’

Malaysia is under the spotlight in Freedom of Thought Index after the atheist 'hunt' earlier this year.

Police Baffled by Arms Found at POCA Detainee’s Home, Looking into...

The police are baffled by a large cache of firearms found at a POCA detainee's home and are looking into the hired killer theory.

Malaysian Languishing in Dubai Jail for ‘Making Too Much Money

A Malaysian man working in Dubai accused of stealing what was actually his wages and commissions has been in jail for the past eight months without being charged.

Defend Malays against DAP and ‘Emperor Lim’, Shahrizat Says

Sharizat told Umno Wanita delegates at the general assembly to defend Malays against DAP and 'Emperor Lim'.

Jeff Sessions: 1MDB Scandal – “Kleptocracy at Its Worst”

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls the 1MDB scandal "kleptocracy at its worst".

Robert Kuok Delves into the DNA of Chinese Immigrants

Robert Kuok delves into the DNA of Chinese immigrants, hailing them as the most amazing economic ants on earth.


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