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Not Scrapping ECRL, but Renegotiating It

Putrajaya will not be scrapping the ECRL, but renegotiating it.

Jamal Brags About Evading Police

Jamal Yunus brags about evading police.

Land in Jinjang Allegedly Sold Cheaply to Umno-Linked Companies

Land in Jinjang was allegedly sold cheaply to Umno-linked companies.

Transport Ministry Hands Social Media ‘Lesen Terbang’ Evidence to Cops

Transport Ministry hands social media 'lesen terbang' evidence to cops

F&B Industry in Uproar over No Foreign Cooks Policy by Year-End

The food and beverage industry is in uproar over the new no foreign cooks policy to be implemented on 1 January 2019.

Sarawak Party Claims State Entitled to Whopping US$1T from Petronas

A Sarawak party claims the state is entitled to a whopping US$1 trillion from Petronas.

‘Tea Man’ Proves Did Not Kneel for Dr M

'Tea Man' Liew Poon Siak proves he did not kneel for Dr Mahathir, contrary to allegations.

Guan Eng Will Not Tell Even White Lies About Country’s Finances

Lim Guan Eng will not tell even white lies about the country's finances.

Zahid-Khairuddin Tit-for-Tat: Who Is Lying?

In the Zahid-Khairuddin tit-for-tat, who is lying?

Report: Bangladeshi Made RM2B Smuggling 100,000 Countrymen to Malaysia

A Bangladeshi made RM2 billion smuggling 100,000 countrymen to Malaysia.

Can Najib Play the Political Persecution Card?

Can Najib play the political persecution card?

Ambiga Among Those Suited for EC Chairman Post

Ambiga among those suited for Election Commission Chairman post.

MACC Ready to Harpoon ‘Sharks’, Wants an End to ‘Bodek’ Culture

MACC is ready to harpoon 'sharks' and wants an end to 'bodek' culture.

Grassroots Leaders Split About How MCA Should Change

Grassroots leaders are split about how MCA should change.

Beng Hock’s Family Want Perpetrators, Mastermind Brought to Justice

Teoh Beng Hock's family want the perpetrators and mastermind of his death brought to justice.




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