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Viral Stray Dog Video: Man to Be Charged with Obstructing MPSJ...

The man who confronted MPSJ officers over alleged rough handling of a stray dog during an operation will be charged at the Petaling Jaya magistrate’s court tomorrow.

Christian Prayer Row in Penang MGS Put to Rest

No further action will be taken by the Education Ministry over the Christian prayer row in Penang’s MGS last month.

Call on VC to Withdraw UM’s Police Report

The University of Malaya Vice-Chancellor Abdul Rahim Hashim should withdraw the University’s police report and stop targeting student activists for their protests but to address them.

Jho Low Changed 1MDB Constitution to Give Najib “Absolute Power”

Jho Low pushed for 1MDB constitution to be amended to give Najib “absolute power”.

No Vague Answers Please, Klang MP Tells Dr M over Rumour

PM urged to stop giving “vague answers” which “won’t quell rumours”.

Lawyer Tells UM to Hand Over Student Activist’s Degree Cert or...

The lawyer for student activist Wong Yan Ke has demanded that the UM today release his client’s degree certification and academic transcript, or face legal action.

Survey: Khairy Still Most Popular Opposition Leader, Followed by Najib

Voters nowadays select their leaders based on how vocal they are, their clarity of thought while communicating and how consistent they are when it comes to communication.

Siti Kasim on Row over Student Protest: UM Should Be Ashamed

Siti Kasim today defended Wong Kan Ye who recently demanded a UM vice-chancellor's resignation over the racist statements he made at the recent Malay Dignity Congress.

Anwar: I Did Not Take Najib’s Parliament Budget Debate Slot

Anwar today denied allegations that he took the Budget 2020 Parliament debate slot which was meant for Najib.

80% Muslim Women Surveyed Feel Abused

More than 80% of Muslim women surveyed said they have been emotionally and physically abused.

Hour Glass Co-Founder Jannie Chan’s Share from Forced Sale of $3.85M...

Four months after the bank took possession of her apartment, prominent businesswoman Jannie Chan granted potential buyers an option to purchase the property.

PH Tells Hisham to Stop Pushing for Government Without DAP, Amanah

Pakatan Harapan today claimed that Umno's Hishammuddin Hussein is pushing for the formation of a government that will exclude both DAP and Amanah.

Ramkarpal Tells PH to Make Racism a Crime

DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh has asked the PH government to criminalise racist statements if it is serious in fighting the rising racist remarks made by certain leaders and politicians.

After Convo Protest, Student Claims UM Barred Him from Receiving Scroll

A Universiti Malaya student said he was barred from receiving his scroll at the university’s convocation ceremony today.

Msian Muslim Women Agree on Polygamy, but Only a Third Say...

Seven in 10 Muslim women here agree that polygamy is a right accorded to Muslim men.


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