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In Umno, Knives Already Being Sharpened

In UMNO, knives are already being sharpened as member dissent grows.

Pakatan to Invalidate Cash-for-Votes Seats

Dr Mahathir says Pakatan will invalidate cash-for-votes seats.

Sabahans Calling Jeffrey Kitingan a ‘Traitor’

Sabahans calling Jeffrey Kitingan a 'traitor' for throwing his support behind Sabah Barisan Nasional.

Dr M To Be Sworn In As PM at 9.30pm

Dr Mahathir to be sworn in as prime minister at 9.30pm.

Apandi Assures That AG’s Chambers Is Apolitical

Apandi assures that AG’s Chambers is apolitical.

Mukhriz: Action Against Najib Will Follow Rule of Law

Mukhriz says action against Najib will follow the rule of law.

Sabah Politics in Limbo as Shafie Turned Away from Governor’s Palace

Sabah politics is in a limbo as Shafie Apdal was turned away from the Governor's palace.

Anwar Urges Voters to Pick Mahathir

Anwar urges voters to pick Mahathir.

Pakatan Says Tycoon, Ex-Petronas Chief Will Back Fiscal Reform if It...

Pakatan says a tycoon and an ex-Petronas chief will be among several personalities who have agreed to help it implement fiscal reforms should it win GE14.

On Polling Eve, Altantuya’s Dad Reaches Out to Dr M

On polling eve, Altantuya's dad reaches out to Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir’s Scathing Attacks on PAS

Mahathir's scathing attacks on PAS.

PH’s Kelantan MB Candidate Nik Omar Asks Muslims to Give Pakatan...

Pakatan Harapan's Kelantan menteri besar candidate Nik Omar asks Muslims to give Pakatan a chance.

Pakatan Candidate Files Suit Against Rembau Returning Officer

Pakatan candidate S Streram is filing a suit against Rembau returning officer Amino Agos Suyub.

Tony Pua ‘Heartbroken’ by Amran’s Betrayal After Failing to Contest GE14

Tony Pua is 'heartbroken' by Amran's betrayal after failing to be a candidate for GE14.

Malaysian Magician Wows All Four Judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

A Malaysian magician wows all four judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'.




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