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Fired FGV CEO Zakaria: I am Not Out

Fired FGV CEO Zakaria says he is not out.

Police Raid House Where Cradle CEO’s Widow was Staying

Police raided the house where Cradle CEO's widow was staying.

Tok Batin Tells Court He Saw Pahang MB Hand over RM17,500

A tok batin tells the court he saw the Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy hand over RM17,500.

WSJ Reporters Take Najib to Task for Revelation on Saudi Donation

Wall Street Journal reporters take Najib to task for revelation on Saudi donation.

Shafee could be Scrutinised by Taxman over RM9.5M

Shafee could be scrutinised by the taxman over RM9.5 million.

The Anwars Mortgaged House to Fund GE14 Campaign

The Anwars mortgaged their house to fund PKR's GE14 campaign, says Rafizi Ramli.

1MDB but a Glimpse into Corrupt Offshore Financial System

1MDB is but a glimpse into corrupt offshore financial systems.

Man MACC Arrested in Thailand Not Linked to Najib’s Case

A man that the MACC arrested in Thailand is not linked to Najib's case.

TMJ Claims His and Johor Sultan’s FB Postings Being ‘Monitored’

TMJ claims his and the Johor Sultan's Facebook postings are being 'monitored'.

Dr M Tells Malays Time to Admit Mistakes and Better Yourselves

Dr Mahathir tells Malays time to admit mistakes and better yourselves.

Three Months on, Najib Explains About Seized Money

Three months on, Najib explains about the money seized from properties linked to him.

Government Must Bring Taib Mahmud to Account

The government must bring Taib Mahmud to account, says Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Lokman in Trouble with the Law After Illegal Rally Fiasco

Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam is in trouble with the law after the fiasco outside the Sogo shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Malaysia Needs at Least Three Years to Recover

Malaysia needs at least three years to recover.

HSR Price Inflated by ‘Many Corrupt Elements’

Azmin says HSR price is inflated by 'many corrupt elements'.




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