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Mohd Isa: I was Not Planted by Dr M

Mohd Isa says he was not planted by Dr Mahathir to contest in the Port Dickson by-election.

PRM Urged to Sack Would-Be PD Candidate for Dropping out of...

Would-be Port Dickson candidate Ahmad Kamarudin, 42, may be expelled from Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) after withdrawing from the by-election at the eleventh hour.

‘Fair Weather Friend’ Michelle Yeoh Far Worse Than Najib Diehards

'Fair weather friend' Michelle Yeoh is far worse than Najib diehards, says cartoonist Zunar.

Umno may be Deregistered

In the wake of its accounts being frozen and leaders investigated, Umno may be deregistered.

Who Malaysians Want to Play Jho Low in Whale Film

Who Malaysians want to play Jho Low in Billion Dollar Whale film.

Umno Assembly – MCA No-Show, Youth Delegates Cheer for PAS

On the second day of the Umno Assembly, MCA was a no-show while youth delegates cheer for PAS.

Amar Singh Surprised at RPK’s Racist ‘Turban’ Retort

Amar Singh surprised at RPK's racist 'turban' retort.

Brigitte Lin Divorces Billionaire Hubby, Gets RM1B Alimony

Brigitte Lin divorces billionaire husband Michael Ying and gets RM1 billion alimony.

Rewcastle-Brown Apologises to Terengganu Sultanah

Rewcastle-Brown apologises to Terengganu Sultanah.

What can Malaysia Do About ‘Bargaining Chip’ Jho Low?

What can Malaysia do about 'bargaining chip' Jho Low?

Fake Message About New Law on Using Phones While Driving Going...

Fake message about new law on using phones while driving going viral.

Malaysia’s First Shadow Cabinet

Malaysia's first Shadow Cabinet.

Guan Eng: I Could End up Most Unpopular Finance Minister Ever

Lim Guan Eng says he could end up the most unpopular finance minister ever.

Malaysia Using ‘Private Efforts’ to Seek Jho Low’s Return from China

Malaysia using 'private efforts' to seek Jho Low's return from China.

Umno Claims RM43.3M Missing from Pavilion Residences During Police Raids

Umno claims RM43.3 million went missing from Pavilion Residences during the police raids.




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