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Rafidah: What Arab Donor? Zahid Maybe Saw ‘an Arab Apparition’

Rafidah Aziz on the 'phantom' Arab donor, the Equanimity, and greed and avarice.

Pos Laju Staff Caught Tossing Parcels

Pos Laju staff caught tossing parcels.

Chaos Following ‘Bomb Joke’ on Lion Air Flight

Chaos following 'bomb joke' on Lion Air flight.

Sirul Rejects Life Sentence Offer, Claims Did Not Kill Altantuya

Sirul rejects life sentence offer and claims he did not kill Altantuya.

Ong Kian Ming: How Government Will Make Up for GST Shortfall

Ong Kian Ming tells how the government will make up for the GST shortfall.

Muslim Groups Oppose Local Elections, Fearing More Non-Malays in Power

Muslim groups oppose local elections, fearing more non-Malays will be in power.

Shafie Shocked over Huge Losses Suffered by Sabah Foundation Subsidiary

Shafie Apdal is shocked over the huge losses suffered by a Sabah Foundation subsidiary.

Gobind Wishes His Father Was Here to Celebrate PH’s Victory

Gobind wishes his father was here to celebrate Pakatan Harapan's victory.

You’ll Hurt Yourself on 1MDB Open Debate, Kit Siang Tells Najib

Lim Kit Siang tells Najib that he will hurt himself on 1MDB open debate.

Ex-HK Actress on Crusade to Expose Fake Buddhist Monks Strikes Again

Ex-Hong Kong actress on a crusade to expose fake Buddhist monks strikes again.

Rafizi Told to Stop Pretending Like He’s a Hero

Rafizi told to stop pretending like he's a hero.

Teresa Kok Threatens to Sue Taman Desa Residents over Claims of...

Teresa Kok threatens to sue Taman Desa residents over claims of inefficacy.

Anwar Warned of ‘Hater’ from Umno

Anwar warned of 'hater' from Umno.

Tun M: Guan Eng Understands Finance Minister Job

Tun Mahathir says Lim Guan Eng understands the Finance Minister job.

Siti Kassim Urges Muslim MPs, Ministers to Stop ‘Islamist Thuggery’

Siti Kassim urges Muslim MPs and ministers to stop 'Islamist thuggery'.




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