MACC Chief Breaks His Silence with a Vow to Continue Fighting...

MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad vows to continue fighting graft and not give in to pressure from personal attacks.

Salleh Keruak Tells MACC Chief to Remain Steadfast in Face of...

Salleh Keruak tells MACC chief to remain steadfast in the face of allegations of an extramarital affair levelled against Dzulkifli.

‘Datuk Anggun’ Charged with Cheating, Dato Boy Iman Released

'Datuk Anggun' was charged with cheating while Dato Boy Iman was released from remand.

Ustaz is Fifth Suspect Nabbed in Boy Iman’s Property Scam

Ustaz Zubir Yahya has been arrested while the sixth remand order on Boy Iman has been issued in relation to a property scam.

Police Arrest Guan Eng’s New Info Officer on Islamic Matters

Wan Ji, Lim Guan Eng's new information officer on Islamic matters has been arrested for sedition.

Johor Prince Slams Playing Up of Joke as “Cheap Gossip”

Tunku Ismail Ibrahim slams playing up of joke as "cheap gossip".

Three Navy Men Charged over Death of Colleagues

Three navy men were charged over the death of two of their colleagues.

Report Lodged Against Zamihan for Labelling Christians Infidels, Chinese Unclean

The DAP has lodged a police report against controversial Muslim preacher Zamihan Mat Zin while human rights lawyer Siti Kasim appeals to Malaysians to stand with her and speak out against rising extremism.

Court Orders Najib, Zahid to File Defence over RM2.6B Suit

Najib has been ordered to file his defence over a RM2.5 billion suit against him and also over a suit by PI Bala's widow.

Zamihan Arrested, Investigated for Sedition

Zamihan arrested, investigated for sedition.


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