Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MP Calls for Probe on DBKL’s Million-Dollar eDrive App

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng wants MACC to probe DBKL's million-dollar eDrive App.

Bank Negara Request for Closed-Door Forex Inquiry Denied

Bank Negara request for closed-door forex inquiry denied.

Phee’s Four Personal Accounts Totalling About RM2M Frozen – Not True?

Phee Boon Poh's four personal bank accounts totalling about RM2 million frozen but Phee claims he doesn't have RM2 million in the bank.

Another Suspicious FIC Hotel Deal under Scrutiny

The MACC is now looking at Grand Borneo Hotel which Felda acquired in 2012 and reportedly relooking at the purchase of an apartment block in Bayswater, London.

Raid on Isa’s SPAD Office, Negri House Where RM100K Reportedly Seized

Raid on Isa Samad's SPAD office and Negri Sembilan house where RM100K was reportedly seized.

MACC Chief “Speechless” That Selangor Refuses to Sign Anti-Graft Pledge

MACC chief speechless that Selangor refuses to sign anti-graft pledge, his response to why Isa Samad was not handcuffed, and his take on the allegation that making detainees wear orange lock-up attire is unconstitutional.

Dr M Loses Bid to Remove Duo from Forex Scandal RCI

Mahathir loses bid to remove duo from forex scandal RCI.

Altantuya’s Killer Makes Final Protection Visa Plea

Altantuya's killer Sirul Azhar Umar appeals to Australian authorities not to reject his application for a protection visa.

Cartoonist Zunar Sues Police, Government for Wrongful Arrest

Zunar sues the police and government for wrongful arrest.

Rosmah Sued over 22-Carat Pink Diamond

Khairuddin Abu Hassan sues Rosmah Mansor over pink diamond.


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