Day One of NFC Trial

The NFC trial involving RM250 million in government funds began today with the prosecution taking to task its accused chairman, Salleh Ismail.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Day 79

Najib had declined King Abdullah's offer to give him stallions.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Day Six

Education ministry had to consider Jepak's proposal in 2016 only because they had received approval and order from Najib.

Anifah Says Improper for Najib to Buy Chanel Watch with Saudi...

Parliament, cabinet need not know of private Saudi donation, says Anifah.

Mahdzir Denies Hiring Lawyer to Broker Deal with AGC

Mahdzir Khalid today denied in court that he had hired a lawyer to broker a deal with the Attorney-General’s Chambers to avoid prosecution in the solar hybrid project case.

Zahid’s Trial: Under-Performing Firm Allowed to Resupply Passport Chips

The High Court today was informed that the Home Ministry had allowed Datasonic Technologies to resupply chips for Malaysian passports despite the company’s previous poor performance.

Raymond Koh’s Wife Sues IGPs, Cops, Government over His “Enforced Disappearance”

A day before the third anniversary of Pastor Raymond Koh’s abduction, his wife announced that she has filed a lawsuit against police officials past and present as well as the government.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Day Five

Mahdzir denies Saidi and Rayyan are his cronies.

Tengku Adnan Wins Appeal to Replace Judge in RM1 Million Graft...

Tengku Adnan has won his appeal to disqualify High Court judge Mohd Nazlan from hearing his on-going RM1 million corruption case.

Zahid’s Trial: Foundation Never Audited Its Accounts or Filed Financial Reports...

Akalbudi also did not hold any annual meetings or disclose its expenditure for 15 years.

Rosmah’s Refusal to Leave Accused Dock During Lunch Break Prompts Early...

Rosmah Mansor caused a stir after refusing to leave the accused dock when her graft trial went into recess for lunch today.

Zahid’s Trial: Former DPM Signed 51 Foundation Cheques Worth RM31M

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today was told that Zahid Hamidi signed 51 cheques totalling RM31 million in funds belonging to charity Yayasan Akalbudi.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Day 78

Jamil agrees that the alleged Arab donation to Najib was hushed up and kept from the public.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Day Four

Defence keeps alleging Mahdzir is corrupt.

Rosmah’s Defence Alleges Mahdzir Private Jets to Macau, Spore, Perth to...

Rosmah Mansor's defence team alleges that Mahdzir Khalid wanted a bribe for himself from the solar hybrid project to fund his gambling addiction.

Daim Against “Pakatan Nasional” Idea

Former finance minister Daim Zainuddin has voiced opposition to calls for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to join forces with PAS and Umno in the purported "Pakatan Nasional" coalition.

Who Will Succeed Wan Azizah as DPM?

The question of who will succeed Wan Azizah as Deputy Prime Minister.

Which PKR MPs Trying to Get Dr M to Stay Full Term? Everyone Denies,...

Anwar Ibrahim had on Thursday confirmed that there was a "plot" to keep Dr Mahathir as prime minister for a full term and admitted the involvement of some MPs from his party.

Government Mulling RM100K Fine, 20 Years’ Jail for Drunk Driving

The government is studying amending the penalty for motorists found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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