Siti Aisyah Paid to Take Part in ‘Pranks’

Siti Aisyah paid to take part in 'pranks', the court was told during the Kim Jong-nam murder trial.

Criminal Fraud in Felda’s Jln Semarak Project, Top Brass Implicated in...

Criminal fraud has been found in Felda's Jalan Semarak project and top brass are implicated in the audit report.

Bank Negara’s Land Buy Sparks Talk of 1MDB Bailout

Bank Negara's land buy sparks talk of 1MDB bailout.

PKR Reveal Recording Alleging Voter Manipulation in Permatang Pauh

PKR reveal a recording alleging voter manipulation in Permatang Pauh.

Azalina Urged to Act Against BH over ‘Fake News’ on Falling...

De facto law minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said urged to act against Berita Harian over 'fake news' on falling car prices.

Footage Allegedly of Dutch Model Being Carried Out of KL Club...

Footage allegedly of Dutch model Ivana Smit being carried out of KL club before she fell to her death emerges.

Second Term as Sarawak Governor for Taib Mahmud

Second term as Sarawak Governor for Taib Mahmud.

Lawyers of PI Bala’s Widow to Question Deepak in Suit Linked...

The High Court has allowed the lawyers of PI Bala's widow to cross-examine Deepak Jaikishan in a suit linked to the Altantuya murder case.

PM, 1MDB Get Stay of High Court Order to File Defence...

PM, 1MDB get stay of High Court order to file defence in lawsuit.

Manhunt for Local Woman Who Distributed Coffee Laced with Drugs

Police have launched a manhunt for a local woman who distributed coffee laced with drugs.


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