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Najib’s SRC Trial: Day 46

Former AmBank relationship manager Joanna Yu admits that she may have used RM55,000 of her own money to regularise Najib’s bank account.

Court Sets Aside AG’s Order of Contempt Against Shafee

The High Court set aside the leave obtained by AG Tommy Thomas to initiate committal proceedings against lawyer Shafee Abdullah.

Dr M: Najib’s “Ridiculous” Reasons Holding Up Getting Back 1MDB Money

The government has a hard time recovering money taken from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) because the man who created the sovereign fund has been...

Zakir Naik Conundrum: Can’t Have Him, Can’t Expel Him

Dr Mahathir has suggested that Putrajaya has no choice but to allow Zakir Naik to reside in Malaysia as other countries are not keen to accept him.

Perak Cops Lodge Report Against FB User Questioning Its Integrity in...

Police still waiting for two documents; medical and forensic reports not lost.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Day 45

The court heard that Najib’s account received RM1.136 billion foreign funds and Jho Low was “desperate” to stop his “big boss” Najib's cheques from bouncing.

Private Investigators Hired to Track Down Indira’s Ex-Husband

A team of private investigators has been hired to track down M Indira Gandhi's ex-husband Riduan Abdullah, who abducted her daughter a decade ago.

Azmin’s Trusted Man Had Secret Meetings with Gerakan to Plan Escape...

Talks of Azmin Ali joining Gerakan may not be far-fetched after all, after it emerged that a meeting took place between a PKR leader and Gerakan leaders last month.

Pro-Anwar Reformasi Group Unhappy with Cops’ Probe into Gay Sex Video

A group of diehard Reformasi supporters has expressed dissatisfaction with the ongoing probe into a gay-sex video targeted at Azmin Ali.

Rumour of Anwar’s Arrest Baseless

Anwar Ibrahim attended a seminar on the country's economy at the Parliament this morning, dismissing the rumour that he had been arrested by the police over the sex video scandal.

Gerakan Chief Says He Met PH, PKR Reps Who Wanted Azmin...

Overtures on Azmin joining Gerakan.

Zakir Naik’s Followers Allegedly Helping to Hide Indira Gandhi’s Daughter

Perlis-based preacher Zamri Vinoth has challenged a group representing Indira Gandhi to prove its claim that supporters of Zakir Naik were sheltering the woman’s ex-husband.

10 from Group Allegedly Inspired by Zakir Naik of Plotting Poison...

Indian authorities have charged 10 men from a group inspired by Zakir Naik over an alleged plot to poison a temple offering that could have killed 40,000 devotees.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Day 44

Jho Low one of AmBank’s bigger clients.

Covid-19: Record-breaking 4,275 new cases

Malaysia today recorded a new daily high of Covid-19 infections, with 4,275 cases in the last 24 hours.

Enough MP numbers to ask king to lift emergency

Anwar claims at least 114 MPs oppose the nationwide emergency which is sufficient to request the King to nullify it and reconvene Parliament.

Lim Lip Eng: Punishing lecturer for DAP visit against academic freedom

Forcing a UiTM lecturer to resign because he took a group of students to DAP headquarters is against academic freedom.

Opposition MPs calls for automatic loan moratorium, wage subsidy for another six months to...

Twenty-five opposition MPs have urged the government to implement another six months of automatic loan moratorium to help businesses and individuals.

Hindu group turns to Kedah sultan for help in Thaipusam holiday row

A Hindu group will send a memorandum to Sultan of Kedah over the state government’s decision to cancel this year’s Thaipusam holiday in the state.

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