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Swiss Newspaper Alleges Secret Military Saudi Arabia-Israel Alliance

A Swiss newspaper has alleged a "secret alliance" between Saudi Arabia and Israel to prevent Iran's expansion in the Middle East.

Yingluck Uncertain over UK Political Asylum Application

Fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is still waiting to hear if she will be granted political asylum status in the UK.

Peter Anthony Arrested over RM155M Risda Land Deal

Peter Anthony was arrested over an RM155 million Risda land deal.

Isa Samad Questioned on Felda Land Issue by Police

Isa Samad was questioned on Felda's Jalan Semarak land issue by Bukit Aman.

Warisan VP Peter Anthony’s Lawyer Questions MACC Wanted Notice

Warisan Vice-President Peter Anthony's lawyer questions MACC's wanted notice on his client.

TI-M Declares 2017 ‘Felda Year’ over ‘Endless Malpractice, Corruption’

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) has declared 2017 as the 'Felda Year' over its 'endless malpractice and corruption'.

Artistes and 20 Others Duped by Con-Artist over Seoul Holiday Package

Several local artistes and 20 others were duped by a con-artist, who claimed to be a private travel agent, over South Korean holiday packages.

Mystery over Girl Who Jumped into River on FB Live

Mystery over the girl who jumped into the Chao Phraya River on Facebook Live, but whose body has not been found.

Fake News: Imminent Collapse of Chereh Dam

The police have dismissed as untrue a claim on social media that the Chereh Dam in Sungai Lembing is at risk of collapsing at any time.

Dutch Autopsies Show Injuries on Teen Model Inconsistent with Fall

Dutch autopsies show injuries on teen model inconsistent with a fall.

1MDB Settles Abu Dhabi Debt by Selling Stakes in Firms to...

1MDB settles Abu Dhabi debt by selling stakes in firms to China.

Felda Whistleblower Group Threatens to Reveal More Dirt

Felda whistleblower group threatens to reveal more dirt.

Possible New Lead in JB Murder After BMW Found, 15th Suspect...

Police are following up on a possible new lead in the Johor Baru petrol station murder after the BMW used in the incident was found, while a 15th suspect has been arrested.

Shadow Cast over ID Company in Felda Land Transfer

Questions are being raised about the development experience of company that took over ownership of the Jalan Semarak land from Felda.

Police Urged to Probe Datuk Seri’s Company

Bukit Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San urged the police to probe Datuk Seri Nicky Liow Soon Hee's company for alleged investment scams.




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