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(Updated) Checking Out sayakenahack.com

Checking out sayakenahack.com to see if your personal data has been breached.

Debt Collectors Resorting to Scams to Intimidate Victims

Debt collectors are resorting to scams to intimidate victims.

Former Lawyer VK Lingam Sentenced in Absentia to Jail for Contempt

Former senior lawyer VK Lingam was sentenced in absentia to six months in jail for contempt.

Cop Claims No Footage of Koh’s Abduction As CCTVs Not Functioning

An investigating officer in Pastor Raymond Koh's investigation claims there is no footage from cameras along the possible routes taken by Koh's abductors because the cameras were not functioning.

Kuan Yew’s Grandson Appoints Lawyer for Contempt Case

Lee Kuan Yew's grandson appoints lawyer for contempt case brought against him by the Singapore attorney-general's office.

India: Legal Process for Zakir Naik’s Extradition from Msia Almost Done

India says the legal process for Zakir Naik's extradition from Malaysia is almost done.

Kim Jong-nam Trial: The North Korean Connection

The Kim Jong-nam trial focuses on the involvement of North Koreans in Malaysia in the incident.

Saudi Graft Inquiry Spreads Beyond Borders as UAE Examines Bank Accounts

Saudi graft inquiry spreads beyond borders as UAE examines bank accounts.

Lawyer Surendran and Bersih’s Maria Question Police Probe on Ambiga

Lawyer N Surendran and Bersih's Maria Chin question the police probe on Ambiga.

Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo Admits Dubai Arrest, Denies It’s for...

Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo admits Dubai arrest but denies it's for drugs.

Perlis Mufti: Can an Extremist Rehabilitate Extremists?

The Perlis mufti has posed the question of whether an extremist can rehabilitate extremists.

Jamal Says Zuraida Lied About Apology, Files Defamation Suit

Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos says Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin lied about his apology to her and has filed a defamation suit against her.

Fake Musang King, False Penang Storm Rumour, Cloned Credit Cards

Lesser durians passed off as Musang King, a false rumour of storm in Penang in the next two days, and a man possessing 817 cloned credit cards arrested.

DPM: Zamihan an Asset and Successful in Rehabilitating IS Militants

The Deputy Prime Minister said controversial preacher Zamihan Mat Zain is an asset and successful in rehabilitating IS militants.

Fake WhatsApp Downloaded More Than 1M Times Erased from Google Play...

A fake WhatsApp was downloaded more than one million times before it was erased from Google Play Store.




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