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Umno’s Rizalman Claims He Was Set Up, Didn’t Do Drugs

Umno's Rizalman Mokhtar claims he was set up and that he didn't do drugs although he was tested positive when arrested at a karaoke centre.

India Drops ‘Fake News’ Law Plan After Outcry

India drops 'fake news' law plan after outcry.

Dewan Negara Passes Controversial Anti-Fake News Bill

Dewan Negara passes controversial Anti-Fake News Bill 2018.

Jho Low’s Seized Yacht Can Sail to US, Judge Rules

A judge has ruled that Jho Low's seized yacht can sail to the US.

Just 16.5% of Votes Needed to Win Polls Now, Bersih 2.0...

Bersih 2.0 claims just 16.5% of votes is needed for Barisan Nasional to win the forthcoming general election.

Unhappy over Rushing of Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

Human rights groups, lawyers and the press are unhappy over the rushing of the Anti-Fake News Bill 2018.

Husband and Wife Admit to Threesome with Dead Dutch Model

The couple who last saw dead Dutch model Ivana Smit admit to indulging in a threesome with the teen shortly before she died.

Anti-Fake News Bill Passed in Dewan Rakyat

Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 passed in Dewan Rakyat.

Driving Off Cliff Killing 8 May Have Been Murder Suicide

An SUV driven off a cliff and killing eight people may have been murder suicide.

Retired Teacher Loses RM2.9M to Scammers

A retired teacher has lost RM2.9 million to scammers.

Anti-Fake News Bill: Max Jail Time from 10 to 6 Years

Amendments to the Anti-Fake News Bill include maximum jail time from 10 to six years, and the word "knowingly" to "maliciously".

Jho Low Trying to Stop Seizure of Yacht

Jho Low is trying to stop the seizure of the Equanimity.

Calls Not to Pass Anti-Fake News Law in Haste

Calls not to pass Anti-Fake News law in haste.

Guan Eng Trial: Day Two

Day 2 of the Lim Guan Eng corruption trial.

Guan Eng’s Son Denies Watch Costs RM350,000

Lim Guan Eng's son denies his watch costs RM350,000.




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