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Razak Baginda Charged over French Submarine Deal

Razak Baginda charged over French submarine deal.

Ex-Felda Chairman’s Aide Nabbed

Zahid Md Arip, special officer to ex-Felda chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad arrested over FIC's Kuching hotel deal.

Ex-FIC CEO Arrested over London Hotel Purchase

Ex-FIC CEO Zaid Abdul Jalil arrested over London hotel purchase.

Backlash from Zahid’s Jibe About Mahathir’s Lineage

The backlash from Zahid's jibe about Mahathir's lineage.

Kit Siang: Why Can’t We Be Like Pakistan, S Korea, Spore?

Lim Kit Siang poses the question of why Malaysian can't be like Pakistan or South Korea where their courts take firm action without fear or favour against their own elected leaders, and why can't Najib emulate Lee Hsien Loong in answering controversial questions in Parliament.

Jong-nam Case: Without “James”, Defending Siti Aisyah a Tall Order

In the Kim Jong-nam murder case, Siti's lawyer says "James" should not have been allowed to leave Malaysia.

Three Detained over FIC’s Kuching Hotel Purchase

The MACC arrested three suspects in connection with FIC's Kuching hotel purchase.

Fan Bingbing Sues Tycoon over Claims She Slept with China’s Anti-Graft...

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing sues fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui over claims she slept with China's Anti-Corruption Chief Wang Qishan.

Raymond Koh Might Have Been Victim of Human Traffickers

Police believe Pastor Raymond Koh might be a victim of human traffickers.

Siti Kasim Gets Rape, Acid Attack and Death Threats

Siti Kassim has received rape and death threats.

Disgraced Monk Banned from Preaching in Prison

Disgraced former jet-setting monk Wirapol Sukphol extradited from the US to Thailand to face child rape and four other charges.

Two Arrested by MACC over FIC’s London Hotel Purchase

MACC arrests two over FIC's London hotel purchase.

NGOs Call for MACC Case on Scorpene Deal to be Reopened

NGOs Suaram and C4 want the MACC to reopen the case on the Scorpene deal.

Invoke Survey: Bread-and-Butter Issues Pip Scandals

A survey by Invoke shows that voters are more concerned about bread-and-butter issues than scandals and controversies.

Paedo Predators in Robes

The latest sex abuse scandal to plague the Catholic Church involves 547 boys from a choir school in Germany.




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