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Search for MH370 Comes to an End

The search for MH370 comes to an end.

Alleged Mastermind of Brutal JB Petrol Station Murder Nabbed in Thailand

Alleged mastermind of brutal Johor Baru petrol station murder nabbed in Thailand.

Original Hindraf Denies Making New Demands, Hindraf 2.0 Did

Original Hindraf denies making new demands, saying that it's Hindraf 2.0 that is making the demands.

Ex-HK Actress on Crusade to Expose Fake Buddhist Monks Strikes Again

Ex-Hong Kong actress on a crusade to expose fake Buddhist monks strikes again.

Police Warn of Rise in ‘GST’ Scams

Police warn of rise in 'GST' scams.

Viral Message: Nurul Izzah Denies Marrying Agong

Nurul Izzah denies a viral message that she is marrying the Agong.

Cheating Cost PH Many Seats in GE14

Tun Dr Mahathir says cheating cost Pakatan Harapan many seats in GE14.

Anti-Fake News Act to Be Repealed in First Parliamentary Sitting

Gobind Singh Deo says the Anti-Fake News Acto will be repealed in the first Parliamentary sitting.

After Bailout Denial, MoF Asks Najib for Whereabouts of 1MDB’s RM33B...

After denying the 1MDB bailout, Najib is asked by the Ministry of Finance where is 1MDB's RM33 billion funds.

Fake News: Viral Video of Man Electrocuted Did Not Happen in...

A viral video of a man electrocuted atop a utility pole did not happen in Malaysia.

MP Lodges Reports to Have Altantuya Case Reopened, Against Arul Kanda

Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng has lodged two police reports to have the Altantuya murder case reopened and against 1MDB's Arul Kanda.

Justo: Jho Low-1MDB and PetroSaudi Connection

Justo on the Jho-Low -1MDB and PetroSaudi connection.

1MDB Task Force Meets with FBI and DoJ

1MDB Task Force meets with FBI and DoJ.

Khazanah Says Had ‘No Control’ over Funds Used to Pay 1MDB...

Khazanah says it had 'no control' over funds used to pay 1MDB debts.

MACC Confirms Probe into Tabung Haji

MACC confirms probe into Tabung Haji.

Mariam Mokhtar on Ramesh Rao

Ramesh’s actions suggest that he is just another Umno-Baru paid cybertrooper, spreading misinformation to confuse and distract Malaysians.

Politics Not to Serve but to Enrich Themselves!

Let’s hope and pray that Sabahans will teach the corrupt a lesson that will not be forgotten.

Forty-Two Months’ Jail for British Woman Who Killed Husband

The Alor Setar High Court today imposed a 42-month jail on a British woman for culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the death of her husband in Langkawi in 2018.

Malaysian Bar: Time for ‘Anti-Hopping’ Law

Malaysian Bar President Salim Bashir today urged the PN government to urgently enact anti-hopping legislation to prevent elected lawmakers from switching parties.

Dr Mahathir Will Be Heading to Sabah to Convince Voters Not to Support Party-Hopping...

Dr Mahathir has said he will be going to Sabah to campaign against the allegedly corrupt state assemblymen who defected in support of Musa Aman last week.

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