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Former Terengganu MB at MACC to aid 1MDB Probe

The former Terengganu mentri besar Ahmad Said is at MACC to aid the 1MDB probe.

Viral List of Full Cabinet Apparently Not Accurate

The viral list of the full Cabinet is apparently not accurate.

WSJ: Rosmah the Central Force Behind Najib’s Actions on 1MDB

A Wall Street Journal report says that Rosmah was the central force behind all of Najib's actions on 1MDB.

Former Najib Aide Remanded in 1MDB Probe

A former Najib aide has been remanded in 1MDB probe.

Report: 1,000 in Money-Laundering Probe

Allegedly 1,000 names are in a list of people to be probed over the 1MDB scandal.

Azmin Says Allegation of Millions in Overseas Accounts Is Malicious

Azmin says the allegation that he has millions in overseas accounts is malicious.

Land in Jinjang Allegedly Sold Cheaply to Umno-Linked Companies

Land in Jinjang was allegedly sold cheaply to Umno-linked companies.

France Pursuing Scorpene Corruption Scandal

Lim Guan Eng says France is pursuing Scorpene corruption scandal.

‘Tea Man’ Proves Did Not Kneel for Dr M

'Tea Man' Liew Poon Siak proves he did not kneel for Dr Mahathir, contrary to allegations.

HRDF CEO Vignaesvaran Quits amid Claims of Missing RM300M Fund

HRDF CEO Vignaesvaran quits amid claims of missing RM300 million fund.

Zahid-Khairuddin Tit-for-Tat: Who Is Lying?

In the Zahid-Khairuddin tit-for-tat, who is lying?

Report: Bangladeshi Made RM2B Smuggling 100,000 Countrymen to Malaysia

A Bangladeshi made RM2 billion smuggling 100,000 countrymen to Malaysia.

Sarawak CM Denies Meeting Zahid To Discuss Formation of GPS

Sarawak Chief Minister denies meeting Zahid to discuss the formation of GPS.

MACC Ready to Harpoon ‘Sharks’, Wants an End to ‘Bodek’ Culture

MACC is ready to harpoon 'sharks' and wants an end to 'bodek' culture.

TRXC To Lodge Police Report over RM3B 1MDB Fund Misappropriation

TRX City Sdn Bhd to lodge a police report over the misappropriation of RM3 billion funds.

Umno Reaffirms Support for PN but Wants More Respect, Consensus

The Umno supreme council has reaffirmed support for PN, but wants better cooperation based on "respect" and "political consensus".

Najib Admits Suggesting Umno Back Anwar, but Without DAP

Working with Anwar Ibrahim or other parties is an option for Umno if the general election is not called once the Covid-19 pandemic abates.

Pua Rejects Working with Najib

DAP leader Tony Pua has rejected any move to work with former prime minister Najib Razak in forming a new government.

Budget 2021: Opposition MPs Would Only Back ‘People-Centric’ Budget

Several opposition MPs have indicated that they would back Budget 2021 on Nov 6, provided it is beneficial to the rakyat amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health DG Says Not Manipulating Figures After Record Rise in Daily Covid-19 Cases

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah denied that he was manipulating or inflating the number of daily cases.

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