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Putra Veep: Perak Corp Bhd Going Bankrupt

Perak MB says the information shared by Hamidah on PCB is not accurate.

MACC Waiting for Evidence from Australia on Mara Property Scandal

The MACC is waiting for evidence from the Australian police before it can charge those involved in the Mara property scandal.

Rosmah’s Lawyer Tells Rizal: “You Can’t Afford It Even if You...

Rosmah Mansor's former special officer continued to come under the hammer today as he was cross-examined by her lawyer about his lavish lifestyle.

Claiming Corruption, Ex-MIC Man Wants MACC to Probe Vell Paari’s Perak...

Former Sungai Siput MIC division chief M Lokanathan today accused Vell Paari of acquiring large swathes of land in Perak for below market prices.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Day 26

The KL High Court today vacated the afternoon session of Rosmah Mansor's corruption trial after she complained of a toothache.

Some 700k Acres of Forest Reserve Given to “Friends, Family” Under...

Shafie Apdal has claimed that the previous state leader had awarded more than half a million acres of forest reserve land under a Sabah foundation to "friends and family".

Durian Farmers’ Alliance Refutes MACC Chief, Insists Members Were Called In

Samka has refuted MACC chief Azam Baki’s claim that graft-busters have not summoned durian farmers in Raub for allegedly running illegal farms.

MACC Has Not Initiated Probe Against Direct Tender Projects Under PH

The MACC reiterated today it has yet to open any investigation paper into the 101 projects awarded through direct negotiation under the former PH government.

PN a Registered Entity

PN has been officially approved by the Registrar of Societies effective August 7.

Nora Anne Inquest: Tracker Dogs Had Picked up Nora Anne’s Scent

The Coroner's Court was told today that two dogs belonging to the JBPM managed to detect the scent of Nora Anne.

MACC Summons Raub Durian Farmers

Earlier, PAS and Parti Putra Perkasa Malaysia (Putra) lodged reports to call on the MACC to investigate the farmers.

Najib’s 1MDB Trial: Day 48

1MBD formed to fund Umno and Najib’s politics.

Rosmah’s Lawyer Calls Her Former Aide the Biggest Scumbag in the...

Rizal Mansor had to face off with Rosmah's lawyer today and forced to answer a series of questions about his lavish lifestyle with a monthly salary of just RM7,000.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Day 25

Rizal Mansor admits to taking almost RM1 million from Jepak Holdings while working for Rosmah, calls it “political donation”.

PKR: Was PN registered with ROS when fielding candidates in Sabah?

PKR information chief Shamsul Iskandar wants PN to explain if the coalition was registered with the ROS when it fielded 29 candidates for the Sabah election.

No Sign Chinese Votes Returning to BN

There is no clear indication BN is regaining Chinese votes, despite the coalition’s impressive outings in by-elections held after the GE14.

Covid-19: 57 New Cases

A total of 57 new positive Covid-19 cases were reported overnight in the country today, 51 of them being local transmissions and the other six import cases.

Mystery Penang ‘Plane Crash’: 3 Unrelated ‘Witnesses’ Provide Similar Accounts

Police have recorded statements from 10 people, including three "witnesses", over an alleged plane crash at sea near Pulau Tikus.

Court Advises Khalid Samad, FMT to Settle Defamation Suit Amicably

The High Court here today advised that the defamation suit filed by Khalid Abdul Samad against FMT and its former editor-in-chief, be settled amicably.

Syed Saddiq to Juggle Between Studies and Muda

With his studies resuming at a Singapore university, Syed Saddiq is going to have his hands full.

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