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Najib’s 1MDB Trial: Day Six

The palace was upset that Jho Low had claimed he was the adviser of the Agong, who was the Sultan of Terengganu at that time.

Rosmah Fond of Jho Low

Najib's former special officer Amhari Efendi Nazaruddin told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that Jho Low was close to Rosmah Mansor.

Najib’s Ex-Aide: Jho Low Provided Scripted Responses to Deny His Involvement...

Jho Low tried to get government officials, including Najib Razak, to say he was not involved in the 1MDB scandal after news of it broke in 2015.

Istana Negara Questioned Jho Low’s Role in 1MDB Predecessor TIA

The palace had expressed concerns over the role played by Jho Low in TIA which later became 1MDB.

Murdered Cradle CEO Reported 2015 Break-In, Home Vandalised with Lipstick

Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan had lodged a police report in 2015 after his house was broken into, the High Court was told today.

NGOs Hand Over Forensic Report on Gay Sex Video to Selangor...

Two NGOs handed over the forensic report by a British firm on the gay sex video implicating Azmin Ali to the Sultan of Selangor.

Prosecution to Prove Widow, Stepsons Killed Cradle Fund CEO

The prosecution will prove that Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan was murdered and his body set on fire by his own family to conceal their crime.

Najib’s 1MDB Trial: Day Five

Jho Low, a puppet master who can get whatever he wants, was often see going in and out of Najib’s home.

1MDB Trial: Judge Raps Shafee over Najib’s Tardiness

High Court judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah reprimanded defence lawyer Muhammad Shafee after Najib was late for proceedings for the second time today.

1MDB Trial: Najib’s Ex-Aide Took US$200K Loan from Jho Low to...

Najib's former aide said Jho Low gave him US$200,000 as a bridging loan for a home purchase in Kota Damansara in 2010.

1MDB Trial: Najib’s Ex-Aide Accused of Lying

The defence today accused Najib's former special officer of lying in his testimony to protect himself from prosecution.

Gay Sex Video Clips Released Again

Six more video clips featuring two men, one of them resembling Azmin Ali, has been released on the messaging platform WhatsApp.

Najib’s 1MDB Trial: Day Four

Najib was in the know and had given the mandate to Jho Low to plan and manage bailout efforts on debts and losses incurred by 1MDB and SRC.

After Delay, Cradle Fund CEO’s Murder Trial to Begin on Friday

Sixty witnesses to testify in Cradle Fund CEO's murder trial.

Najib’s Ex-Aide: Mudabala CEO Was “Promised All Sorts of Things”

Mubadala Development Company chief executive Khaldoon Al Mubarak said the Malaysian government made promises to him that were not delivered.


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