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Drama King No More Raja Bomoh

Charged with insulting Islam, Raja Bomoh confessed to fake rituals, admitting he had put on the bizarre acts.

Zero Percent GST if Pakatan in Putrajaya

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says zero-rated GST if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, meaning consumers do not need to tax on goods and services.

DAP Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum to JJPTR

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng gives JJPTR 48 hours to lodge report or come forward on investment scheme collapse and alleged RM500 million loss.

Game Over for JJPTR?

JJPTR forex investment scam collapses with alleged hacking of accounts, resulting in RM500 million losses.

Non-Existent Property and Projects Scams

Non-existent properties in Sg Tua scam, five contractors cheated of RM2.5 million for non-existent Forestry Department scam.

The Controversial Zakir Naik PR Status

Revelation of controversial Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik's having been granted permanent residency in Malaysia five years ago.

The Castle That Got Adam Charged

Adam Rosly pleaded not guilty to charges of giving falsified statements and documents to the MACC during investigation of his wealth.

The Zairil-Dyana Scandal

Zairil rubbishes intimate photos, Dyana reacts with FB post, and speculation on Zairil's parentage.

Theresa May Announces Shock General Election

British Prime Minister Theresa May announces shock general election.

The Peter Chong Puzzler

He's back, and with allegations of abduction in Thailand while the police are fuming for having wasted resources on the case.

Superpowers Race to Korean Peninsula

Russia and China launch military intelligence vessels to shadow the US nuclear-powered warship deployed by Trump to the Korean Peninsula.

Looming Threat of War Amid Massive North Korean Celebration

Tensions rising over North Korea, with the threat of war looming even as North Korea celebrates the Day of the Sun.

A Rare Peek of North Korean Pomp and Pageantry

North Korea's highly anticipated "big event" turns out to be the opening of Ryomyong Street, featuring a residential development with a 70-storey "ultra-modern, prestige" apartment complex.

It Gets Worse for Dog Abuser

Terry Yee's company loses Nalgene and Craghoppers distributorship after Osprey Packs cuts ties with Tearproof, Yee's business.

Victory in Battle Against Fake News

The Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline website issued an apology to Melania Trump for publishing allegations that she provided services beyond simply modelling.

Musa Aman Sues Sabah Governor for Dissolving Assembly

Musa Aman is suing Sabah governor Juhar Mahiruddin for dissolving the state legislative assembly rather than accepting the former chief minister’s claim of having majority support in the house.

Covid-19: 15 New Cases

The Health Ministry today reported 15 new cases of Covid-19, including 10 local transmission cases and five that are imported.

Rocky Road to GE15 for PN as Umno’s Nur Jazlan Slams the Door on...

Yet another Umno leader said Bersatu should end any expectations of contesting Umno's traditional seats.

Istana Negeri Refutes Alleged Power Abuse by Tun Juhar

The Istana Negeri of Sabah today refuted the allegation that Sabah Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Juhar had abused his power and had accepted an inducement in dissolving the state assembly.

Najib’s 1MDB Trial: Day 44

Najib decided on successor, ex-1MDB CEO tells court.

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