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Zahid’s Trial: Moneychanger Omar Ali Insists Zahid Ordered Millions in Cash...

Zahid Hamidi asked that millions in cash be converted into cheques so that the funds could be deposited into charitable foundation Yayasan Akalbudi’s account.

Opposition, PN Lawmakers Call for Jho Low to Be Arrested

Lawmakers from both sides of the divide today called for Jho Low to be detained and brought to justice.

IGP: Jho Low Hiding in Macau

Jho Low is hiding in Macau.

Najib Posts Additional RM1 Million Bail

Najib has paid the RM1 million bail ordered by the High Court yesterday.

Attempts Made to Discredit Judge’s Impartiality After SRC Ruling

Attempts are being made to discredit the credibility and impartiality of Justice Mohd Nazlan after he ruled that Najib was guilty of all seven charges against him in the SRC case.

Shafee: Better Chance of Clearing Najib at Higher Courts

Najib's lead counsel Shafee Abdullah is confident that his defence team has a better chance to clear the former prime minister’s name at the Court of Appeal.

Prosecutor: Najib’s Appeal Process to Take a Year

It would take approximately a year for the appellate court to uphold or throw out Najib's 12-year jail sentence after he was found guilty of all seven charges at the SRC trial

Not the End of the World, Says Najib After Ruling

Najib left the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex at 8.20pm looking worn out compared to when he walked up the steps upon arrival 11 hours ago.

Zahid’s Trial: Zahid’s Daughter Said Father Had Funds for Her Takeover...

Zahid Hamidi’s daughter had claimed her father had sufficient funds to pay for her 60 percent stake in a hotel management firm.

Speaker: Najib Still Pekan MP Until Appeal Process Over

Najib Razak, who was sentenced to 12 years jail and fined RM210 million for his abuse of power, can still carry out his duties as Pekan MP until the appeal process is completed.

Najib Granted Stay of Execution, Bail Increased by Additional RM1 Million

Nazlan rules the defence has demonstrated exceptional circumstances to qualify for stay of execution for the sentence as well as the fine.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Najib Sentenced to 12 Years, Fined RM210M

Najib sentenced to 12 years, fined RM210 million.

Emotions Run High Among Supporters as Najib Becomes First Ex-PM to...

Supporters of Najib who was found guilty this morning to all seven charges related to RM42 million of SRC funds expressed disappointment and claimed they saw the decision coming.

Najib’s Supporters Outside Court Ignore Cops’ Repeated Warnings to Obey Covid-19...

The police had earlier issues warnings to the supporters gathered outside the court in support of Najib after their blatant disregard of social distancing regulations.

Najib’s Lawyers Ask to Delay Sentencing but Court Unconvinced

The defence led by lawyer Shafee Abdullah has asked for a deferment in mitigation proceedings, after Najib was found guilty today on all seven charges of misappropriating RM42 million from SRC.

Guan Eng Charged Based on Hearsay

Guan Eng's charge a distraction to satisfy angry pro-UMNO and pro-PAS supporters.

Lim Kit Siang’s Open Appeal to PM, AG, MACC

Lim Kit siang's open appeal to the Prime Minister, Attorney-General and MACC.

Covid-19: 7 New Cases

No new cases linked to the Sivagangga PUI (person under investigation) Cluster in Kedah have been reported as at noon today.

Bersatu Leaders Quit Party, Declare Support for Dr Mahathir.

Jeram state assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli, who is also Bersatu Kuala Selangor Division chief, today announced he has quit the party with immediate effect.

Ahmad Maslan: New Party Will Further Weaken, Divide Malays

The move by Dr Mahathir to form a new Malay-based political party will further weaken the community's position and political power in the country.

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