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Cops Nab 14 ‘Macau Scam’ Suspects, Probe How Scammers Got Details...

Cops nab 14 'Macau Scam' suspects and probe how scammers got details of their victims.

Anti-Fake News Bill to Be Tabled in Parliament Next Week Following...

The anti-fake news bill will be tabled in Parliament next week after receiving the Cabinet's approval.

Unrecognised 1MDB News Considered Fake News

Unrecognised 1MDB news is considered false information, says Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Jailani Johari.

On Behalf of PM’s Wife, Her Lawyer Lodges Report over Slander...

On behalf of the prime minister's wife, her lawyer lodged a report over slander in a YouTube video.

Secretly Recorded, Cambridge Analytica Admits Influencing Polls in Msia, Elsewhere

Secretly recorded, Cambridge Analytica admits influencing polls in Malaysia and other countries.

Two Former Felda Officers to Enter Defence in RM48M CBT Case

Two former Felda officers were ordered to enter their defence in an RM48 million CBT case.

Swiss Parliament Rejects Call to Return 1MDB Profits to Malaysia

Swiss Parliament rejects call to return 1MDB profits to Malaysia.

Malls Facing Meltdown as Glut Continues

Malls facing meltdown as glut continues.

JJPTR Founder Johnson Lee Charged with Falsifying Documents to SSM

JJPTR founder Johnson Lee was charged with falsifying documents to SSM.

Isa Samad, GM Signed Legal Transfer for Felda Jln Semarak Land...

Isa Samad and a General Manager signed the legal transfer for the Felda Jalan Semarak land deal.

Najib: Selangor Water Woes “More Critical” Than National Debt Management

Prime Minister Najib Razak says Selangor water woes are "more critical" than the national debt management.

Late Cancer Victim’s Photo Used to Collect Donations by Unscrupulous People,...

A late cancer victim's photo has been used to collect donations by unscrupulous people on two occasions.

Photo a Smear Campaign, Says Lim Guan Eng’s Office

Penang Chief Minister's Office says that the photo of Lim Guan Eng and a Datuk Seri being investigated in the alleged Penang tunnel graft is a smear campaign.

Ministry Warns of Stern Action for Spreading Fake News on 1MDB

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry warns of stern action against those who spread fake news on 1MDB.

Dutch Model Might Have Been Dead Before Fall from Balcony, Says...

A private investigator says Dutch model Ivana Smit might have been dead before she fall from the balcony of a condominium.




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