Bersih 2.0: Election Commission Liable for Lawsuits if Covid-19 Patients Can’t...

Bersih 2.0 today cautioned the EC that it could face lawsuits if it refused to let voters infected with Covid-19 cast their ballots in the Sabah poll this Saturday.

Bersih Tells MACC to Probe PM for Alleged ‘Inducement of Voters’

Bersih 2.0 today called on the MACC to investigate Muhyiddin Yassin for allegedly engaging in corrupt practices while campaigning in Sabah for the state election.

Fahmi: Non-Official Media Ban for Nomination Process Undemocratic

The EC's move to bar non-official media from covering the nomination process in all nomination centres is disappointing and undemocratic.

Civil Society Group: Why Was UM Lecturer Spared in Sexual-Harassment Case?

A civil society group today slammed the AGC for failure to act against a Universiti Malaya lecturer accused of sexual harassment.

Church Group Says PAS Leader Has No Regard for Humanity After...

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) blasted the PAS leader who claimed the Bible had been corrupted, calling his words an assault on the country’s Christians and an attempt to sow discord.

Bernard Chandran Accused of Blackface, Cashing in on Black Lives Matter...

Renowned Malaysian fashion designer Bernard Chandran has come under fire for the alleged use of blackface and the Black Lives Matter movement in a recent Instagram post.

Electoral Reform Panel Presents PM with 49 Recommendations

The Electoral Reform Committee (ERC) yesterday submitted 49 recommendations for electoral reform to Muhyiddin Yassin.

Chinese Group: Still Hope PN Will Recognise UEC

There is still hope that the contentious UEC will be recognised by the PN government despite recent setbacks.

Suaram: “Absurd” to Place Police Oversight Body Under Home Ministry

Suaram said it is appalled by the government’s proposed new bill which would replace the previous PH administration's plans to introduce the IPCMC.

Malaysian Bar: Time for ‘Anti-Hopping’ Law

Malaysian Bar President Salim Bashir today urged the PN government to urgently enact anti-hopping legislation to prevent elected lawmakers from switching parties.

Malaysian Bar: Speaker Should Not Have Written to Najib’s 1MDB Trial...

The Speaker should have left it to those involved in the 1MDB trial to seek the Court’s indulgence to adjourn the matter instead of writing to the trial Judge directly.

Rights Group: Unlawful to Revoke Work Permit of Migrant in Al...

Rights group LFL has criticised the enforcement authority for what it claimed as illegally revoking the work permit of a Bangladesh national who appeared in the Al Jazeera documentary.

Alarm over Anti-Transgender Sentiment by Islamic Affairs Minister

Concern at the recent remarks by Religious Affairs Minister Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri permitting Jawi to take action against the transgender community.

Activists: Why Probe Al Jazeera Instead of Investigating Claims?

A group of 35 civil society organisations and 17 individuals have expressed horror and concern that police are investigating Al Jazeera on its reporting.

Former UN Rep: PN Govt Backtracking on Commitment to Revise Poverty...

PN government is backtracking on the previous PH administration's commitment to revise the national poverty line.

DAP Hits out at PKR over Remark on “Respecting” Umno’s Decision to Back PN

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail's latest remarks that PKR "respects" Umno's reaffirmation of their support for Perikatan Nasional (PN) appear to have ruffled the feathers of DAP, the party's coalition partner.

Special Cabinet Meeting to Boost Covid-19 Fight, Doubts About Budget Being Tabled

As ministers huddled at a special Cabinet meeting chaired by Muhyiddin Yassin, the tabling of Budget 2021 in Parliament has been put into question.

Malaysia Airports Files Suit Against AirAsia X

MAHB is taking legal action against AirAsia X Bhd to claim RM78.16 million being the outstanding aeronautical charges that the airline failed to collect at the KLIA.

Malaysian Bar Tells AG: Charge Khairuddin for Negligence Instead

The Malaysian Bar has suggested that Khairuddin Aman Razali be charged for negligence after authorities said they would not take further action.

Avoid Covid-19 ‘Cures’ Sold Online

The public is advised not to be deceived by medicines advertised on online shopping application that are purportedly effective in treating Covid-19 infection.

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