Kin of Murder Victims: No to Abolishing Death Penalty

Family members and representatives of murder victims are vehemently against any move to abolish the mandatory death penalty for heinous crimes, including premeditated killings.

G25 Report: Administration of Matters in Islam in Malaysia

G25's 281-page “Administration of Matters in Islam” report.

Families of Raymond Koh, Beng Hock, Bill Kayong Question PH’s “Political...

Beng Hock’s son is already 10 years old and starting to ask about his father.

Phone Recording, Release of Audio Clips – Debate Rages On

Lawyers say law allows phone tapping, and it is not illegal to release alleged Najib tapes now.

UniMAP Test Paper Contains Other Controversial Questions

After a question in a Universiti Malaysia Perlis examination paper praised Zakir Naik, an MP today said there were other controversial questions in the test.

Bar: Cops Should Not Have Used Court Order to Stop Dong...

The police should not have resorted to obtaining a court order to stop Dong Zong’s congress,

Cops Gave in to “Inciters of Violence”, Suhakam Says on Aborted...

Suhakam says Dong Zong should have been allowed to hold conference.

MCA: Don’t Chinese Have a Right to Assemble?

Freedom of assembly not respected in cops' action of obtaining court order to stop Jawi congress.

FB Posting on Alleged Sensitive Issues

PKR has lodged a police report over a Facebook posting which it claimed touched on sensitive issues which could affect public peace and harmony.

Suhakam: Horrendous Lock-Up Conditions

The lock-up condition at the Semporna district police headquarters is horrendous with faeces scattered all over the place, reveals the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam). Its...

Dewan Negara Passes Repeal of Anti-Fake News Act

The Dewan Negara passed the repeal of the Anti-Fake News Act 2018 (Act 803) after the Bill was tabled for second reading yesterday.

Suaram Activist Puzzled over Bukit Aman’s “Leading Questions’ on Zakir Naik

In the 19 months since PH’s GE14 win, Sevan had been summoned for police questioning more than during the BN administration.

DAP Will Defend Vernacular Schools’ Existence, to Push Cabinet for AG’s...

DAP will seek to defend the continued existence of vernacular schools.

Ambiga Tells PH: No More Delays with IPCMC, Sosma, Sedition Act

Ambiga wants to know the reason why some Pakatan MPs are apparently objecting to the IPCMC.

Disturbing WhatsApp Message Revealed at PKR Congress

Akmal Nasir exposed a troubling WhatsApp message to delegates at the party's national congress over the weekend in Malacca.

Mujahid Calls for Stern Action on Person Who Distorted Ponggal Circular

Mujahid Yusof Rawa today said stern action must be taken against the education official who issued a circular claiming Ponggal was haram (forbidden) under Islam.

Yusoff Rawther, Lawyer Seek Clarification from Solicitor-General’s Statement

Yusoff Rawther and his lawyer Haniff Khatri has requested clarification from the solicitor-general over her statement when she dismissed the sexual assault case against Anwar.

Najib, Rosmah to Be Called In by Cops over Audio Clips

Najib and his wife Rosmah will soon be called in by police to have their statements taken over recordings of telephone conversations allegedly related to the 1MDB scandal.

Ku Nan: I’m “Very Comfortable Financially”, Don’t Need RM2M Bribe

Tengku Adnan said the RM2 million which he purportedly received as a kickback from a property developer four years ago was a political donation for Umno.

14 Mercedes-Benzes Purchased in Kelantan for State Leaders

Purchase was made based on the importance of safety and experience of maintenance of the Mercedes-Benz.

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