Sosma to Be Amended, Not Repealed

Putrajaya will amend instead of repeal Sosma.

Ramkarpal Tells PH to Make Racism a Crime

DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh has asked the PH government to criminalise racist statements if it is serious in fighting the rising racist remarks made by certain leaders and politicians.

Anwar: Rule of Law Should Apply to People in Power Too

Anwar yesterday spoke up on the government’s rule of law.

Sri Ram Cautions Federal Court ‘Wrecking Crew’ Not to Dilute Constitution

In a hard-hitting speech, former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram stressed that his successors must respect the core tenets of the Federal Constitution.

DAP Leaders Zoom in on Public Varsities Organising Malay Congress

Remember other ethnic groups, Kit Siang says ahead of Malay Dignity Congress.

Christian Group Tells Ministry to Build Bridges, Not Walls

The Education Ministry should retract its warning to the MGS, now that it has emerged that the controversy involved a speech calling for unity among students.

What Can Malaysians Expect Next in 1MDB Saga?

Malaysians appear quite satisfied with the ongoing trial of the main 1MDB is being conducted one month after it started.

Education Ministry Told Not to Be Used by Extremists, Fanatics

Ministry urged to apologise for ‘over-reacting’ to claims against Penang school.

Deceased May 13 Victims Still Marked as ‘Alive’ in NRD System

Tham Seen Hau recently discovered that her deceased family members, who were victims of May 13 riots, are still recorded as ‘active’ or ‘alive’ with the NRD.

Ramasamy: Double Standards in Warning School over Christian Prayer

P Ramasamy has lambasted the double standards of the Education Ministry for investigating a missionary school for allegedly reciting a Christian prayer during an awards ceremony.

Non-Muslim Groups Disappointed by PH’s Handling of Unity, Multiracial Issues

Racial and religious rhetoric have grown worse, heads of non-Muslim faith groups said, more than 500 days after Pakatan Harapan took power.

Millions May Risk Jail as Indonesia to Outlaw Sex Outside Marriage

Indonesia is poised to pass a new penal code that criminalises consensual sex outside marriage.

How Anti-Khat Rally in Jerantut Sparked Nationwide ‘Buy Muslim First’ Wave

A campaign for Malay-Muslims to buy products manufactured by or sold in shops owned by their fellow adherents have since courted backlash from Putrajaya and the traders’ community.

Suhakam: Admit Enforced Disappearances Exist

Suhakam has called on the government to acknowledge that cases of enforced disappearances do exist in Malaysia.

Pressure Group Relaunched to Urge Putrajaya to Sign Rome Statute

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court has been relaunched in a bid to urge Putrajaya to consider signing the UN treaty again.

BN Takes Commanding Lead in Tg Piai

At 7.30pm, Wee Jeck Seng leading by more than 10,000 votes.

Anwar Has Had Enough of PKR Leaders Skipping Meets

It will be up to the PKR leadership council to recommend actions against leaders who skip party meetings, said Anwar Ibrahim.

LRT to Mid Valley with Opening of Long-Awaited Pedestrian Bridge

A pedestrian bridge connecting the former Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum and Mid Valley City was officially opened to the public on Thursday.

Tian Chua Condemns Egging of Batu MP Praba’s Car

PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang has condemned the egging of a car belonging to Batu MP P Prabakaran and urged the young PKR lawmaker...

Papagomo Accused of Fuelling Racist Sentiments

A police report has been lodged in Penang against Papagomo for racist remarks made during the Tanjung Piai by-election campaign.

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