Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia This Year

The highest paying jobs in Malaysia in 2017.

No-Go for Beer Festival

The 'Better Beer Festival 2017' cancelled.

Doctors Biggest Tax Dodgers Among Professionals

The IRB says doctors make up the biggest group of tax dodgers among professionals.

World’s First Hijab-Wearing Supermodel

Halima Aden is the world's first hijab-wearing supermodel.

Employers of Illegal Foreign Workers Face Stiffer Punishment

Harsher punishment, including whipping and freezing of company assets, awaits employers who hire or harbour illegal foreign workers.

Alicia Amin Unfazed by Backlash over Semi-Nude Pictures

Alicia Amin is unfazed by the backlash over her semi-nude pictures.

MCMC Wants Download of ‘Fights of Gods’ Disabled

MCMC wants the download of Taiwanese game 'Fights of Gods' disabled.

Changing Costumes in a Jiffy!

Malaysian magicians break their own record in making 25 changes of costumes in one minute.

Own Goal That Gave the Football Gold Away

An own goal by the Malaysian goalkeeper saw Thailand taking the KL SEA Games 2017 men's football gold with a score of 1-0.

Winners of Namewee’s ‘Ali Ah Kao dan Muthu’ Video Singing Competition

Winners of Namewee's 'Ali Ah Kao dan Muthu' video singing competition.


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