Anwar Undergoes Surgery in Turkey, Next Operation on Thursday

Anwar undergoes surgery in Turkey, with the next operating scheduled for Thursday.

Anwar Discharged from Hospital

Anwar Ibrahim has been discharged from hospital.

Six More Sardine Brands Contaminated with Worms Pulled from Market

Six more canned sardine brands from China contaminated with worms have been pulled from the market.

Worms Causing Anisakiasis Disease Found in Canned Sardines from China

Worms causing anisakiasis disease were found in canned sardines from China.

No Visitors Allowed for Anwar Admitted to Hospital for Severe Prolapsed...

No visitors are allowed for Anwar who has been admitted to hospital for a severe prolapsed disc.

Politicians Interfering in Action Against Dirty Eateries

Politicians are interfering in the actions taken against dirty eateries.

Famous Banana Leaf Restaurant Among Three PJ Eateries Ordered to Close

Famous banana leaf restaurant among three PJ eateries ordered to close.

Viral Video: Raj’s Banana Leaf’s Dishes Washed in Murky Water in...

A video hs gone viral of Raj's Banana Leaf's dishes being washed in murky water in the back lane of the restaurant.

Ailing Jet Li a Pale Shadow of His Former Self

Ailing Jet Li is a pale shadow of his former self.

Two Brands of China Canned Sardines Contain Dead Worms

Two brands of China canned sardines have been found to contain dead worms.

WHO Says Australia Exported Listeria-Tainted Melons to 9 Countries

WHO says Australia exported listeria-tainted melons to nine countries, including Malaysia.

Woman Dies in Excruciating Agony After She Was “Embalmed Alive”

A Russian woman has died in excruciating agony after she was "embalmed alive".

Plastic Particles Found in Bottled Water

Plastic particles found in bottled water.

Calls for Ban on ‘Electric Shock’ Chewing Gum

Calls for ban on 'electric shock' chewing gum.

Dr M Admitted to IJN with Chest Infection

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted to IJN with chest infection.




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