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After Taiwan Date, Najib’s Son Spotted at Moscow World Cup

After Taiwan date, Najib's son spotted at Moscow World Cup.

Three Penang Nasi Kandar Eateries Closed

Three Penang nasi kandar eateries have been closed for failing to meet hygiene and health standards.

Dr M to Helm Home Ministry While Muhyiddin Recovers from Surgery

Dr Mahathir will helm the Home Ministry while Muhyiddin recovers from surgery.

Days of Fat Salaries for GLC Top Execs Over

Days of fat salaries for GLC top executives are over, says Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Anwar Undergoes Surgery in Turkey, Next Operation on Thursday

Anwar undergoes surgery in Turkey, with the next operating scheduled for Thursday.

Mavcom Chairman “On His Way Out”

Mavcom Chairman is stepping down.

Anwar Discharged from Hospital

Anwar Ibrahim has been discharged from hospital.

Houseman Lodges Police Report Against ‘Nightmare’ Specialist

A houseman has lodged a police report against a 'nightmare' specialist in the Ampang Hospital.

Six More Sardine Brands Contaminated with Worms Pulled from Market

Six more canned sardine brands from China contaminated with worms have been pulled from the market.

Worms Causing Anisakiasis Disease Found in Canned Sardines from China

Worms causing anisakiasis disease were found in canned sardines from China.

Najib and Rosmah Sing at Raya Karaoke Hosted by Adoring Supporters

Najib and Rosmah sing at a Raya karaoke hosted by adoring supporters.

1MDB’s New Chairman Asri Hamidon

Asri Hamidon has been appointed as the new chairman of 1MDB.

No Visitors Allowed for Anwar Admitted to Hospital for Severe Prolapsed...

No visitors are allowed for Anwar who has been admitted to hospital for a severe prolapsed disc.

Government May Trim Fat Paychecks of GLC Directors

The government may trim the fat paychecks of GLC directors.

Malaysia, Other Asean Countries Eye World Cup 2034

Malaysian and other Asean countries are eyeing to host World Cup 2034.




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