Dr M Back To Getting Behind the Wheel in Checking Out...

Dr Mahathir is back to getting behind the wheel and driving himself around to check on the city.

Malaysian Magician Wows All Four Judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

A Malaysian magician wows all four judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

400-Strong Team Begins Raids on KL Nightspots

400-strong team begins raids on KL nightspots.

Monkey Business

Monkeys were captured on video removing Barisan Nasional banners.

Fans Fretting as Polling Day Clashes with Bruno Mars Concert

Fans are fretting as polling day clashes with the Bruno Mars concert.

Release of ‘Mona Fandey’ Film 11 Years Later

Completed 11 years ago, Dukun, the film inspired by witch doctor Mona Fandey sentenced to death for murder will be released on 5 April 2018.

‘Panama’ Dance Craze Sweeping the Country

The 'Panama' dance craze is sweeping the country.

Trump and Jong-un Impersonators Thrown out of Winter Olympics Opening

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators were thrown out of the Winter Olympics Opening.

North Korea Will Send Team to Winter Olympic Games

North Korea will send a team to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea in February.

Namewee Eyes World Record with Catchy New Music Video

Namewee eyes world record with new music video.

Petronas’ Webfilm of Love and Forgiveness for Deepavali

Petronas' webfilm of love and forgiveness for Deepavali.

No-Go for Beer Festival

The 'Better Beer Festival 2017' cancelled.

MCMC Wants Download of ‘Fights of Gods’ Disabled

MCMC wants the download of Taiwanese game 'Fights of Gods' disabled.

Changing Costumes in a Jiffy!

Malaysian magicians break their own record in making 25 changes of costumes in one minute.

Own Goal That Gave the Football Gold Away

An own goal by the Malaysian goalkeeper saw Thailand taking the KL SEA Games 2017 men's football gold with a score of 1-0.




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