Najib Paid His Advisers Up to RM200K Monthly

Najib paid his advisers up to RM200,000 monthly.

Report Says Some GLC Heads Paid Up to RM180K Monthly

A report says some GLC heads are paid up to RM180,000 monthly.

Heads of Civil Servants Who Campaigned for BN to Roll

Heads of civil servants who campaigned for Barisan Nasional to roll.

Announcement of New Private Sector Minimum Wage by August

Announcement of new private sector minimum wage by August.

Transport Minister Orders Review of Mavcom Chief’s RM85K Salary

Transport Minister orders review of Mavcom chief's RM85,000 salary.

Viral Video: Immigration Officer Suspended for Slapping Customer

The immigration officer seen in a viral video hitting a customer has been suspended.

Surayati Out, Masyati In as New RoS Chief

Masyati Abang Ibrahim has replaced Surayati Ibrahim as the director-general of the Registry of Societies (RoS).

Putrajaya to Review 1.5M Bangladeshi Worker Intake

Putrajaya to review 1.5 million Bangladeshi worker intake.

Najib Announces 5 Labour Day Gifts for Workers

Najib announces five Labour Day gifts for workers.

Apandi’s AG Term Extended 3 Years

Apandi Ali's Attorney-General term has been extended for three years until 2021.

Additional Increment, Other Goodies for Civil Servants

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today announced an additional increment and other goodies for civil servants.

Govt Told to Stop Backing Banks’ Dismissal of Staff Under Restructure...

The National Union of Bank Employees is calling on the government to stop backing banks' dismissal of staff under the guise of restructuring.

Two Teachers Transferred Out: Tantrum Thrower, Handphone Theft Accuser

Two teachers have been transferred out - one who threw a tantrum at a meeting and the other who accused a student of stealing her handphone, following which the student attempted to commit suicide.

Not Something to Boast About When Grads Have to Sell Nasi...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is not something to boast about when graduates have to sell nasi lemak and drive Uber.

Govt Depts Open from 7.30am-6pm

Government departments will open from 7.30am to 6pm.




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