Report: Govt to Form Tribunal in EC Probe

EC members to face tribunal soon.

Death Sentence Ineffective as Deterrent

The death sentence is seen to be ineffective as a deterrent in reducing the crime rate in the country, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Buddhist Dad Wins Court Bid to Cancel Kids’ Conversion to Islam

High Court allows judicial review by father challenging ex-wife's unilateral conversion of children to Islam.

Cabinet Agrees to Temporarily Suspend Actions Under Sedition Act

The Cabinet has decided to temporarily suspend actions under the Sedition Act, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo.

Activist Fahmi Reza Acquitted over Najib Clown Sketch

Fahnmi Reza finally free from prosecution.

Report: Terengganu to Cane Another Woman on Prostitution Charge

The Syariah High Court in Kuala Terengganu sentenced a woman to four strokes of the cane and to undergo rehabilitation after she pleaded guilty to a prostitution charge.

Hannah Yeoh on Child Abuse Issue: Many Not Fit to be...

Many parents are not fit to be parents, says deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh in relation to cases of child abuse.

Outcry over Light Sentences

There is an outcry over the light sentences meted out to two cases involving offences against children.

Kit Siang: Malaysia is Secular, Not an Islamic Country

Lim Kit Siang says Malaysia is a secular, not an Islamic country.

Prostitute may be next to be caned in Terengganu

A prostitute may be next to be caned in Terengganu.

DPM Criticised for Shrugging Off Her Duties in Latest Child Marriage...

The Deputy Prime Minister was criticised for shrugging off her duties in the latest child marriage case.

‘Potential Nepotism’ Fears if Anwar, Wife, Daughter All in Power

'Potential nepotism' fears if Anwar, his wife and daughter are all in power, says Ambiga.

Lodge SST Complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp

Lodge SST complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp.

Putrajaya Powerless to Stop Shariah Caning

Putrajaya is powerless to stop Shariah caning.

DAP Wants Tajuddin Probed over Seditious Remarks

DAP wants Tajuddin Abdul Rahman probed over seditious remarks.




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