Bar Council Meets A-G over Law Reforms

The Bar Council meets A-G over law reforms.

Foreigners Have Three Months to Vacate PPR Housing

Foreigners have three months to vacate PPR housing.

Kit Siang: We Won’t Perish Without Umno, MCA, MIC

Lim Kit Siang says we won't perish without Umno, MCA or MIC.

KL Car Clamping Resumes Tomorrow

KL car clamping resumes tomorrow.

Women Leaders up in Arms over “Call-Gate”

Women leaders up in arms over "Call-gate".

No More Clamping of Vehicles in KL for Now

No more clamping of vehicles in KL for now.

Bersih Hands Over Electoral and Parliamentary Reforms Proposal to IRC

Bersih hands over electoral and parliamentary reforms proposal to IRC.

Anti-Fake News Law First on Committee’s Agenda

Anti-fake news law first on the agenda of Committee on Institutional Reforms.

Bersih Wants EC Commissioners Removed, Charged over GE14 Violations

Bersih wants EC commissioners removed and charged over GE14 violations.

EC’s Deafening Silence on Discrepancies, Malaysian Voters Protest in London

The Election Commission's deafening silence on discrepancies while Malaysian voters protest in London.

Malaysia’s Opposition Cries Foul over Uneven Playing Field in GE14

Malaysia's Opposition cries foul over uneven playing field in GE14.

Mum, Daughter Get Postal Ballots Which They Never Asked For

A mother and daughter get postal ballots which they never asked for.

10 ‘Major’ Flaws Found in Electoral Roll May Be ‘Tip of...

10 'major' flaws found in electoral roll may be 'tip of the iceberg'.

Global Bersih Exasperated at Late Arrival of Ballot Papers

Global Bersih exasperated at late arrivals of ballot papers.

High Court Throws Out Bid by 16 To Declare Umno Illegal

The High Court has thrown out a bid by 16 former Umno members to declare the party illegal.




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