“Sensitive Issue” of Axing Beer Festival

Decision to cancel 'Better Beer Festival 2017' "too sensitive" to explain.

294,000 Malaysians Bankrupt

294,000 Malaysians bankrupt.

Survey: Malaysians Want High Interest Rate for Housing Loans Lowered

Malaysians want high interest rate for housing loan lowered, according to a survey.

Aceh Woman Receives 100 Lashes for Adultery

Aceh woman receives 100 lashes in public caning after she was found guilty of adultery.

Sarawak to Discuss Proposal to Castrate Convicted Rapists

Sarawak state government to discuss proposal to castrate convicted rapists.

Dying for a C-Section While in Excruciating Labour Pain

Woman in excruciating labour pain jumps to her death after she was denied a C-section.

What Is a Bribe and What Is Not in the General...

The MACC on what is deemed a bribe and what is not in the general election.

Cop Shoving Woman, Baby to Ground in Viral Video

Cop in Shanghai slams woman and baby to the ground in a video that has gone viral.

Women Against Toxic Politics

Women activists launch Women Against Toxic Politics rally.

Ibrahim Ali Declares Himself “Malaysia’s King of Racists”

Ibrahim Ali declares himself "Malaysia's King of Racists".

Three Charged with Insulting PM Online

Three people charged separately with insulting PM online.

Two Women Activists Probed over Last Year’s ‘Bebas Maria’ Walk

Ivy Josiah and Ho Yock Lin were questioned by police yesterday in connection with the 'Free Maria' walk which took place nine months ago.

Falsely Reporting Your IC Stolen Will Land You in More Trouble

You will have a criminal record if found guilty of falsely reporting your identity card was stolen.

The Senseless Killing of Farkhunda

The Killing of Farkhunda is a BBC documentary of the brutal mob lynching of an Afghan woman wrongly accused of burning the Koran.

The Dire Need for Cheaper Homes

Properties are unsold because of their "ridiculous" prices.




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