The Senseless Killing of Farkhunda

The Killing of Farkhunda is a BBC documentary of the brutal mob lynching of an Afghan woman wrongly accused of burning the Koran.

The Dire Need for Cheaper Homes

Properties are unsold because of their "ridiculous" prices.

Marriage Amendment Bill Passed Minus Clause 88A

Marriage Amendment Bill passed, minus Clause 88A

MACC: Report Civil Services Living Beyond Their Means

The MACC has urged people who knew of civil servants living beyond their means to report them.

No-No to ‘DAP165’ Said to be Play on the Word ‘DAPigs’...

The scene with a vehicle bearing number plate 'DAP165', said to be a play on the word 'DAPigs', will be removed from the trailer of 'Malay Regiment'.

Outcry over Minister’s “Doing Well” Statement of Rape Victim

Social media outcry over minister's statement that rape victim forced to marry rapist is "doing well".

Msian Bar to Challenge Extended Tenures of Top Judges

Malaysian Bar to challenge extended tenures of two top judges.

Mind Your Manners on the MRT – Annabelle Is Watching You!

RapidKL uses Annabelle to 'scare' commuters into behaving on MRT.

Animal Cruelty for Amusement

The men who dragged a shark behind a boat in a cruel video posted other pictures of abusing wildlife for amusement.

Umno Lawmaker Under Fire for Saying Denying Husbands Sex is Abuse

Setiu MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh says it was "emotional and psychological" abuse if wives deny their husbands sex.

Vandalism Rears Its Ugly Head on Penang’s Famous Murals

Already RM25,000 spent to restore vandalised street art in Penang. After the recent outcry on vandalism at the brand new Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line MRT stations,...

Vandals Strike MRT Stations Just Days After Launch

Vandals and litterbugs at MRT stations just days after launch.

Innocent Death of Prabagaran

Human rights lawyer N Surendran is convinced Prabagaran, who was executed in Singapore for drug trafficking, did not die a criminal.

Dying to Text

Dramatic road safety ad turns from hilarious to dark. The ad by the Government of the Western Cape province of South Africa shows seemingly hilarious...

Chinese Censors Scrub Emoji Tributes to Nobel Winner

China's most famous dissident Liu Xiaobo dies from liver cancer.




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