Anwar: MACC’s Job to Also Monitor Those in Government

Anwar Ibrahim today reminded the MACC to not solely focus on digging up dirt on the former administration, but also monitor members in the current government.

Bar President: Thanks to GE14, Malaysian Bar Narrowly Avoided Being Muzzled

Harapan government’s efforts beginning to bear fruit.

G25 to PH: Don’t Use Zakir Naik to Get Malay Votes

Christian and Hindu leaders baffled with Mujahid after his recent meeting with Zakir Naik, as it could be seen as approving the latter’s controversial preaching.

Illegal Factory Owner to Be Charged over Chemical Dumping Incident

An illegal factory owner involved in recycling tyres in Kulai is expected to be charged in connection with the dumping of toxic waste into Sg Kim Kim.

Mandatory Death Penalty to Be Repealed for 11 Criminal Offences

The mandatory death penalty for 11 criminal offences are to be repealed and substituted with the death penalty imposed at the discretion of the court.

Forever Pendatang, Forever Dhimmi, Forever Grateful

Dennis Ignatius on a racist creed that has no place in a multicultural constitutional democracy like ours.

IMU to Conduct Investigation over Student’s “Sexist” Comment on Actress Emily...

The IMU will conduct an internal investigation after a student allegedly made inappropriate comments on FB over the death of Emily Kong.

Bid for Review of “Mentally Unstable” Man’s 10-Year Sentence over FB...

Alister Cogia and Mohamad Yazid Kong Abdullah jailed for insulting Islam and Prophet.

Tourism Minister’s Remarks on Homosexuality Have Made Malaysia a “Laughing Stock”

Grilled in Germany over our policy on gays and Jews ahead of travel fair, minister allegedly said “no such thing in Malaysia”.

Families of Late PH Reps Hurt by Umno Man’s Blaming Deaths...

Families of deceased PH reps demand apology from BN man over insensitive “deaths are a sign” remark.

Minister’s Flying Car Announcement Met with Incredulity

Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof said "first-ever flying car" would be unveiled soon.

PAS: ‘Monster’ Rally if Govt Dithers over Anti-Islam Provocateurs

PAS today demanded the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government step up its pace to rein in provocateurs against Islam if it does not want another “monster” rally of the ummah on its hands.

Paedophiles Target Msian Kids After Crackdowns on Child Sex Trade in...

Most Malaysians blissfully unaware that Malaysia increasingly the destination of choice for men seeking underage sex.

Report: Judge Refuses MACC Interview, Insists on RCI for Alleged Judicial...

Judge Hamid Sultan has declined to have his statement recorded by the MACC on his claims of judicial misconduct.

Mum of Indon Maid Tortured to Death in Malaysia Calls for...

A year after the death of an Indonesian maid who was forced to sleep outside next to a dog, her mother called for justice.




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