Bersih: Barisan Nasional Biggest Offender in Cameron Highlands

BN has topped a list of 23 election offences documented by Bersih 2.0 throughout the Cameron Highlands by-election campaign.

Activists Warn of Cronyism, Nepotism Creeping into PH

With some 10 people related to PH leaders named to government agencies and companies, activists said the new government is looking like the defeated BN.

No Excuse for Not Reforming GLCs, Civil Societies Tell Govt

Civil societies monitoring PHsaid there will be no forgiveness for the new administration if it fails to reform GLCs as promised.

In a First, Federal Govt Sues Kelantan over Orang Asli Land...

Government’s move to protect orang asli rights lauded.

DAP Lodges Report over PAS, Umno’s Racially and Religiously Charged Campaign

DAP Youth today lodged a police report over what it claims was a racially and religiously charged campaign by PAS and Umno in the Cameron Highlands by-election.

Sedition Act: Malaysian Bar Calls for Return of Moratorium, Halt to...

The Malaysian Bar has urged the government to reinstate the moratorium on the Sedition Act 1948 pending its repeal and for police to cease all investigations under the law.

Questioning Use of Sedition Act Against Those Insulting Royalty

The recent arrest of three individuals by the police for allegedly insulting Sultan Muhammad V does not fall under the categories for which the Sedition Act should be used, says CIJ.

Bar to PH: Keep Your Election Pledge, Abolish Draconian Laws Immediately

The Malaysian Bar has urged PH to keep its election manifesto promise to abolish all oppressive and draconian laws.

Maria Chin: Appoint Women to One-Third of Posts in New EC

Maria Chin has urged Putrajaya to give a third of the new Election Commission (EC) committee slots to women.

PPBM Top Brass Backs Armada’s Stand Against Patronage Politics

PPBM top leadership agrees with Armada on the need to end patronage politics, said Syed Saddiq.

MCA, DAP Voice Strong Concerns over Dr M’s UEC Remarks

MCA and DAP have voiced strong concerns over PM’s remarks on the UEC recognition.

Suaram Slams Pakatan on Sosma, Poca U-Turn

Government draws flak for decision to retain Sosma and Poca.

Dr M Says Controversial Call Made by Bersatu V-P was His...

Government need not heed Bersatu veep’s view when he called on Putrajaya to bring back the JPP to disburse goodies to party loyalists.

Bersih Condemns Rashid, Reminds PPBM of 5-Year ‘Contract’ to Serve

Surely PPBM members have not forgotten that it was the practice of political patronage and abuse of government resources that led to Umno’s fall.

Johor Exco Claims BN Degazetted Pulau Kukup

Lawyers group slams Johor over island’s loss of national park status.




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