‘Potential Nepotism’ Fears if Anwar, Wife, Daughter All in Power

'Potential nepotism' fears if Anwar, his wife and daughter are all in power, says Ambiga.

Lodge SST Complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp

Lodge SST complaint to Domestic Trade Ministry via WhatsApp.

Putrajaya Powerless to Stop Shariah Caning

Putrajaya is powerless to stop Shariah caning.

DAP Wants Tajuddin Probed over Seditious Remarks

DAP wants Tajuddin Abdul Rahman probed over seditious remarks.

At Malay Rights Rally, Lokman Calls Dr M ‘Mamak’, ‘Demon’

At a Malay rights rally, Lokman Noor Adam calls Dr Mahathir a "mamak" and a "demon".

Legal Expert Says Nothing to Stop a Non-Muslim from Becoming PM

Legal expert Shad Saleem Faruqi says nothing to stop a non-Muslim from becoming the prime minister.

Two Women Sentenced to Caning for Lesbian Sex in Terengganu

Two women were sentenced to caning for lesbian sex in Terengganu.

A-G: Leak Sensitive Info and Face Prosecution

The Attorney-General has warned that those who leak sensitive information will face prosecution.

Lawyers for Liberty: Why was Child Bride Sent Back to Thailand?

Lawyers for Liberty questions why the child bride from Kelantan was sent back to Thailand.

Reforms in Parliament Taking Shape

Reforms in Parliament are taking shape.

Najib’s Polling Day Appeal to Sg Kandis Voters an Election Offence

Najib's polling day appeal to Sg Kandis voters an election offence.

DPM Under Scathing Attack for Inaction in Child Bride Case

The Deputy Prime Minister is under a scathing attack for her inaction in the child bride case.

Zunar, Surendran, Sivarasa Freed of Sedition Charges over Sodomy II Remarks

Zunar, Surendran and Sivarasa freed of sedition charges over Sodomy II remarks.

Allegedly “Blocked from the Bar” Because of Zakir Naik

Law graduate Asiah Abd Jalil says she is "blocked from the Bar" because of Zakir Naik.

Wan Azizah Told Not to Downplay Child Marriage Issue or Defend...

Wan Azizah told not to downplay the child marriage issue or defend the culprit.




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