Nonsense, Says Siti Kasim on PM’s Refusal to Extradite Zakir Naik

Vocal lawyer Siti Kasim has come out strongly against Dr Mahathir's decision not to deport Zakir Naik.

TMJ Earns Brickbats over Social Media Posting

TMJ earns brickbats over social media posting on everyone needing to know his place in society.

Is There More to Latheefa’s Appointment?

Why did Dr M not consult the Cabinet and remain so quiet about the appointment of Latheefa as the MACC chief.

Bersih 2.0: Latheefa’s Appointment Highlights Structural Weaknesses in Government

Bersih criticises PM for his unilateral appointment of Latheefa to head MACC, saying the process displays signs of abuse of power.

Of English and the Malaysian Minister

The ability to speak proper English should be a requirement to enter politics.

A Heli Ride Home This Raya

Rich Malays are chartering private helicopters to fly home at RM17,000 per trip.

Between a Page One Story and the Children Involved

A local national daily has gone to town with a story involving a CEO's personal life.

Let Us Clean Up Our Home First

Should we be lending a hand to others when there is still so much to do here.

Council Officers Posing as Cooks and Waiters

Enforcement officers going undercover as waiters and cooks to nab those not fasting.

So, Is This Boy’s Mother Also a Millionaire?

The clock is ticking and Pakatan Harapan has plenty to lose if it does not get its act together soon.

Kadir Tells Non-Performing Ministers, Mentris Besar, Excos to Step Down

Ministers, mentris besar, chief ministers and state executive councillors who do not meet the mark after a year in charge should relinquish their posts.

Bridging the Language Barrier

While there is no quick-fix to the language barrier we face, little gestures go a long way.

Stop Talking Nonsense Education Minister

Most Indians and Chinese were not born with a golden spoon in their mouths. I wonder who informed our Education Minister that the non-Malays in...

Soi Lek: MCA Must Quit BN to Revive Itself

Chua Soi Lek said MCA can regain its former glory if it quits BN and explores a cooperation with Gerakan, MIC and MyPPP.

Schools Need to Go Back to the 1970s

Former principal V Chakaravathy has urged the government to have the willpower to draw from the heyday of national schools in the 1970s and move forward.




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