Kling’s Silly Racist Statements Have Done More Damage Than Good to...

Despite being the majority race in the country, the Malays still have to “threaten, intimidate and bully the minorities with false accusations in order to redeem their so-called dignity”.

After Malay Congress, Zaid Claims ‘Bipolar’ Harapan Need Anwar Pill

Zaid Ibrahim discarded his lawyer's robe for a medical coat and conducted a psychiatric evaluation of Pakatan Harapan.

Dr M Censured over ‘Orang Asing’ Remark

Dr Mahathir's remarks on how the Malays were forced to accept ‘orang asing’ (foreigners) during British rule in exchange for independence is downright insulting.

Ramasamy: Corrupt Malay Leaders the Ones Destroying Race’s Dignity

Corrupt Malay leaders are the ones who have destroyed the race’s dignity.

Sabah Leaders Slam Congress Organiser over “Malay Malaysia” Remark

The chief organiser of the Malay Dignity Congress has come under fire from political leaders in Sabah over his remark that Malaysia belongs to the Malays.

Syed Husin: Anwar’s Head to Roll if He Stands Up to...

Anwar's head will roll if he stands up to Dr Mahathir.

MP “Regrets” Dr M’s Party-Hopping Stance

DAP national legal bureau chief Ramkarpal Singh said Dr Mahathir's stance that party-hopping by politicians is acceptable if done for good reasons is “regrettable”.

Syed Husin: Kleptocratic Cronyism under Dr M

Syed Husin today delivered his most stinging criticism yet against Dr Mahathir.

The Return of GST?

The country’s debt is so massive that not even Mahathir knows how to fix it.

Taxation Expert: SST Far Superior to GST

The GST regime will only work well in a developed country where the disparity of income is not wide and the nation shares a single culture and common education system.

Economists Back Return of GST, Say It’s Easier for Businesses

Two economists and a former minister have backed a think tank’s call for Putrajaya to reintroduce the abolished GST ahead of Budget 2020.

Umno Youth Exco Member: Reinstate Najib as BN Chair

An Umno Youth exco member today suggested BN component parties support its former chairperson Najib to be re-elected to the post.

DAP MP Reminds Dr M of Oft-Repeated “PM for All Malaysians”...

The past months have witnessed public displays of anger, frustration and disappointment over the play of religion on politics, said DAP lawmaker Charles Santiago.

Kit Siang: The Shame of Worldwide Advertisement of 1MDB Scandal

Malaysians must not be cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Stop Your Nonsense, Saddiq

It is understandable that one would want to “kiss up” to his or her boss for political survival, but like everything else, there are limits.


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