PAS Told to Look Away if Female Cabin Crew Outfit Too...

PAS told to look away if female cabin crew outfit is too sexy for them.

Spare Us the Righteous Anger

Azmi Sharom on those who go on and on about race and religion.

Anwar: Give Dr M Space to Lead, Not Everything Has a...

Anwar Ibrahim says to give Dr Mahathir Mohamad the space to lead and not everything has a political agenda.

Time for Chief Sec to Govt Ali Hamsa to Go

Time for the Chief Secretary to the Government to go, says GT25.

Rafizi: Some PKR Leaders Forgotten Their Roots After Gaining Power

Rafizi says some PKR leaders have forgotten their roots after gaining power.

Ex-IGP: So-Called ‘Oppressive’ Laws Needed to Fight Crime and Terrorism

Ex-IGP Musa Hassan says so-called 'oppressive' laws are needed to fight crime and terrorism.

Unrepentant Fadiah: This is Why I Spoke Against Back-Pedalling Anwar

Unrepentant Fadiah on why she spoke against back-pedalling Anwar.

Are We Angry Enough to Act Against Graft?

DENNIS IGNATIUS says Malaysia draws international attention for illicit financial outflows, but does not seem able to move from just talking about it to...

Outcry over the Shocking Letter Seeking CIA Backing for Najib

Patriots want the "treacherous" and "treasonous" letter to the CIA investigated.

Dr M: Alliance with Anwar Worth It Because of Najib Scandals

Dr Mahathir says the alliance with Anwar was worth it because of the Najib scandals.

Kadir Jasin Says Rude and Religious Hypocrites are the Real Threat...

Kadir Jasin says rude and religious hypocrites are the real threat to race and religion.

Planning Parliament Protest, Umno Man Claims “Christian” DAP in Control of...

Planning a Parliament protest, Umno man Lokman Noor Adam claims "Christian" DAP is in control of Dr Mahathir.

Perlis Mufti: Respect Homosexuals Even Though They are “Sinners”

The Perlis Mufti calls for respect to homosexuals even though they are "sinners".

Latheefa Tells Najib to Stop Playing Victim

Lawyer Latheefa Koya tells Najib to stop playing the victim.

BOB TEOH on Rais Yatim’s Post-Truth Politics over the Malay Language

Bob Teoh on Rais Yatin's post-truth politics over the Malay language.




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