Study Reveals That Majority of Malays Unhappy with PH but Have...

Nearly 60% of Malays were dissatisfied with the new government’s performance.

Daim Tells Ministers to Stop Fighting in Public

Daim Zainuddin today advised some Cabinet ministers against quarrelling in the open.

Kadir Jasin: People will be Happier with PH if Najib in...

Pakatan Harapan's performance thus far has fallen short of even realistic expectations of its supporters, said veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin.

Camerons Defeat – Wake-Up Call for PH

As expected, the new Pakatan Harapan government fails to snatch the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat from Barisan Nasional.

Malaysians Ask What’s the Problem with Dancing CJ, A-G

The attempt to humiliate members of the legal fraternity for dancing on stage at the Sabah Law Society's 2019 gala dinner seems to have fizzled out.

Ramkarpal Singh on Support for Abolishing Death Penalty

Media statement by Ramkarpal Singh in support of abolishing death penalty for drug cases.

Malaysian Bar: Nothing Wrong with CJ, A-G Dancing During Social Event

Judiciary not jeopardised by gala dancing video.

Chef Wan Apologises for “Crude Language”, but Stands by Criticisms Against...

Chef Wan today apologised to Najib after he threatened to slap the former PM.

Much Ado About Judiciary Bigwigs Dancing at Legal Gala

Umno Youth says CJ, A-G shouldn’t do the twist with politicians and activists.

Cops Grill Kadir Jasin Again over Blog Post on Kedah Sultan

Kadir Jasin was yesterday summoned to the Bukit Aman police headquarters over comments he made on the installation of the Kedah sultan last year.

Survey: Malays More Receptive to Guan Eng, Not AG and CJ

Some Malays also view Najib's arrest as “selective prosecution”.

Dr M: TMJ Probably Does Not Understand How the Federation Works

The federal government has the right to respond to comments made by the Malay Rulers over its administration of the country, says Dr Mahathir.

TMJ to Speak Up Even if It Makes Him Public Enemy...

TMJ has vowed to be the people’s voice against the federal government’s weaknesses and mistakes, even if it makes him unpopular.

Veterans Group Rejects Petition to Turn Malaysia into an “Islamic State”

Patriot has rejected a Muslim group's petition to declare Malaysia an Islamic state, saying that the Federal Constitution must remain as the founding fathers intended.

Maria Chin Lambasts Decision to Retain Sosma and Poca

Maria Chin Abdullah has expressed disappointment over Putrajaya’s decision to maintain two security laws that were under scrutiny from its leaders in the past.




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