Kadir: Prove You Are Not Clowns, Don’t Hide Behind Dr M

Political leaders must not depend on Dr Mahathir to defend them if they want the government to exist beyond a single term.

Mujahid’s Reformist Façade

Dennis Ignatius on the reformist façade of some PH leaders and Malaysia’s extreme tolerance of extremism.

Nga Denies Making Insensitive Remark, Refuses to Apologise

Nga Kor Ming said today he did not need to apologise for reportedly saying that an Umno-PAS coalition would lead to a Taliban-like state.

The Need to Curb Extremism

A DAP assemblyperson has claimed that the massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, should serve as a lesson for Malaysia on the need to curb extremism.

TMJ Blames “Former Johor MB” for Making Pasir Gudang an Industrial...

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail accused a former mentri besar of disloyalty today.

Dr M: Some PH Ministers Are Rookies, Need More Time

The prime minister on the Economic Action Council and making use of China’s foreign policies that are good for us.

Dr M: TMJ Speaks for Himself on Rome Statute Concern

Dr Mahathir took a swipe at Tunku Ismail over claims that Putrajaya failed to consult the conference of rulers on a decision to accede to the Rome Statute.

Kadir to PH: Weed Out “Clowns, Comic Characters”

The Pakatan government must work harder to prove to voters that the coalition is capable of holding power for more than one term.

Nazri to Rally Umno MPs’ Support for Anwar

Nazri Aziz said he now planned to work on getting Umno MPs to support Anwar Ibrahim as the next PM.

The Great Pakatan Harapan Denial

Mariam Mokhtar's take on Pakatan's defeat in Semenyih.

Minister: Malay Rights Not Under Threat from DAP

Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Md Yusof has rubbished the suggestion that because DAP is a part of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, Malay rights are...

For the Record: Movement for Change, Sarawak Wants Maszlee to Go

Francis Paul Siah, who heads the Movement for Change, Sarawak on their petition requesting that Maszlee be removed as education minister.

Cenbet Tells Azmin: No Room for Narrow Communal Posturing

CENBET has voiced concern over Azmin Ali’s remark urging the government to fulfil promises related to the bumiputera agenda.

Anwar: Call to Push Forth Malay Agenda is Azmin’s Personal Opinion

PH warned to not “out-Malay” Umno and PAS.

Semenyih a Protest Vote Against PH Pressing All the Wrong Buttons

Semenyih a protest vote and to teach PH a lesson.


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