Bung Will Condemn Umno to Become Opposition for Eternity

Bung will condemn Umno to become opposition for eternity, says Lim Kit Siang.

Rafidah: Najib’s Govt Riddled with ‘Political Mafia’

Rafidah Aziz says Najib's government riddled with 'political mafia'.

Anwar: End of the Day, I Do What I Think Is...

Anwar says that end of the day, he does what he thinks is right.

Split in PKR Leadership over Anwar?

A question of whether there is a split in the PKR leadership over Anwar.

Penang-Born NZ Mayor Urges Govt to Help Foreign Missions Facilitate TH...

Penang-born New Zealand mayor urges the government to help foreign missions facilitate Tabung Harapan donations.

Why BN Lost Despite Aggressive Campaign

Why Barisan Nasional lost despite aggressive campaigning.

Cartoonist Zunar Misses Rosmah

Cartoonist Zunar says he misses Rosmah.

Rafidah: What Arab Donor? Zahid Maybe Saw ‘an Arab Apparition’

Rafidah Aziz on the 'phantom' Arab donor, the Equanimity, and greed and avarice.

Muslim Groups Oppose Local Elections, Fearing More Non-Malays in Power

Muslim groups oppose local elections, fearing more non-Malays will be in power.

You’ll Hurt Yourself on 1MDB Open Debate, Kit Siang Tells Najib

Lim Kit Siang tells Najib that he will hurt himself on 1MDB open debate.

Petition for Tun M to Be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Petition for Tun Mahathir to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Kit Siang to Zahid: Honesty and Positivity Needed to Be Good...

Kit Siang advises Zahid that honesty and positivity are needed to be a good Opposition leader.

Lawyer: Why Najib and Wife Not Arrested Yet?

Lawyer Hamid Ismail questions why Najib and his wife are still not arrested.

Rafidah Aziz Pans Najib’s Legacy

Rafidah Aziz pans Najib's legacy.

Nurul Izzah Won’t Join Cabinet

Anwar Ibrahim says Nurul Izzah won't join the Cabinet.




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