TMJ to Speak Up Even if It Makes Him Public Enemy...

TMJ has vowed to be the people’s voice against the federal government’s weaknesses and mistakes, even if it makes him unpopular.

Veterans Group Rejects Petition to Turn Malaysia into an “Islamic State”

Patriot has rejected a Muslim group's petition to declare Malaysia an Islamic state, saying that the Federal Constitution must remain as the founding fathers intended.

Maria Chin Lambasts Decision to Retain Sosma and Poca

Maria Chin Abdullah has expressed disappointment over Putrajaya’s decision to maintain two security laws that were under scrutiny from its leaders in the past.

Dr M: People No Longer Paying Attention to Crimes of Past...

Dr Mahathir says that the legal action mounted against the country’s former leaders for abuse of power and corruption was not motivated by a desire for revenge, but out of respect for the law.

TMJ Posts Sarcastic Tweet over Birthday Wish to Brother

Tunku Ismail’s hard-hitting comeback to Syed Saddiq’s birthday wishes for Tunku Idris.

PAS Preacher Defends ‘Vice’ Remark over Indon Tsunami After Backlash

Called out for being insensitive and opportunistic, Ahmad Dusuki sees nothing wrong with his recent social media remark linking the Sunda Strait tsunami to vice.

Kadir Jasin: Taking Anyone into PPBM will Cheapen Party

Kadir Jasin today warned Pakatan Harapan leaders, especially PPBM, against being too easy in allowing former Umno leaders to become party members just to add to party numbers.

Ramkarpal: Umno Reps Switching Allegiance to Dr M is a ‘Dangerous...

Ramkarpal regards Umno representatives switching allegiance to Dr Mahathir as a “dangerous development” because it goes against the will of Malaysians who voted out the Barisan Nasional government in GE14.

Nazri: If MCA Leaves Us, I Think You Can Tell Them...

MCA has yet to officially notify BN of its wish to disband the opposition n coalition, said Nazri Abdul Aziz.

TMJ Posts Sarcastic Tweet, Says He Never ‘Toned Down’

TMJ's latest tweet has raised eyebrows on social media when he made a sarcastic jab, presumably at Dr Mahathir.

Umno, PAS, Perkasa ‘Playing a Dangerous Game’

Military veterans have warned Umno, PAS and Perkasa leaders that they are playing a “dangerous game” by leading the ICERD rally tomorrow.

Ambiga: Postponing Suhakam Event is ‘Giving in to Bullies’

Ambiga criticised authorities for making Suhakam defer its Human Rights Day celebration tomorrow, saying this was bowing to organisers of a rally against an anti-discrimination treaty.

Stop Patronising Us, Siti Kasim Lashes Out at FT Minister over...

Siti Kasim today lashed out at Khalid Samad over the announcement that entertainment outlets in the city would have to abide by the 1am closing time stated in their licence beginning next year.

“Advice” for Waythamoorthy, “Lecture” for Maszlee

Kadir Jasin has trained his guns on Waythamoorthy and Maszlee.

U-Turn on ICERD a Shame

Lawyers for Liberty has taken the Pakatan Harapan administration to task over its decision to not ratify the ICERD, despite pledging to do so initially.




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