Goldman Sachs’ US$3.9B Settlement an Opportunity for Muhyiddin to Send Najib...

Najib has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses to escape prison.

Mariam Mokhtar: Politicians Are Not Covid-19 Heroes

Healthcare workers are superior to politicians.

Ex-Speaker Ariff Fears Road to Reform Cut Short

Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof’s main mission, when he took up the Dewan Rakyat speaker’s job, was to ensure the institution would not be a rubber stamp for the government.

Former Dewan Rakyat Speaker Knew He Would Be Removed by PN...

The motion to remove Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof as speaker was tabled on the first day of the Dewan Rakyat session this month, on July 13.

BN Leader: Azmin in Big Trouble

A Selangor BN leader has warned Azmin Ali that his political future is in danger unless he works to improve his ties with Umno and PAS.

Covid-19: The Three Deadly Mistakes to Learn from Hong Kong

After a short period of celebration, Hong Kong is back to square one.

Mariam Mokhtar on Insult, Intolerance, Insensitivity and Idiocy

A study of JAKIM, a billion-ringgit taxpayer-funded organisation which excels in wasting the rakyat’s money.

Liew Chin Tong: New PN Order Marks End of BN

Post-Sheraton Coup, the immediate need for Umno, PAS and Bersatu to have more seats to distribute among themselves will alter the political landscape in massive ways.

Danger Lurks in Drive-In Cinemas

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu must have been beaming with pride when launching the country’s first drive-in cinema in Ipoh, a brainchild of his.

Mariam Mokhtar on GE-15

If we stop doing the right thing, even something as simple as criticising politicians for their shortcomings, this country will surely fail.

Hisham Lied, Too Afraid to Defend Country’s Sovereignty Against China Intrusion

For three months, Chinese coast guard vessels met with no resistance or protest from Muhyiddin’s government as Beting Patinggi Ali (Luconia Shoals) was consistently breached.

Mariam Mokhtar on Asyraf’s Claims That the Youth are Bored with...

Asyraf Wajdi claims that the youth are bored with the three Rs.

Our Half-Past-Six Lawmakers

The unparliamentary behaviours of our lawmakers in the august house made circuses looked tame by comparison.

Patriot Tells Rowdy MPs: Resign if You Can’t Behave

Veterans group Patriot today hit out at rowdy MPs for their inappropriate conduct in the Dewan Rakyat.

Mariam Mokhtar on New Speaker Azhar Harun

Azhar slow in censuring the Umno-Baru Baling MP for his racist / sexist slurs.

Photo That Speaks a Thousand Words Why Speaker Azhar Profusely Defends Backdoor Govt

After tasting “lobsters”, it makes perfect sense why Speaker Azhar behaved extraordinarily in Parliament, profusely defending Finance Minister Zafrul who struggled in the Parliament.

Dr M “Inclined” to Think Guan Eng Victim of Political Persecution

Former premier Dr Mahathir has called for fair treatment to be accorded to Lim Guan Eng after the latter was charged with corruption.

Ramkarpal: DAP Does Not Condemn Judiciary, but Places Faith in It

DAP has not criticised the judiciary system over the indictment of its secretary-general.

Covid-19: 25 New Cases

The Covid-19 Sivagangga Cluster recorded 12 new cases today, including 10 in Perlis and one in Penang.

Edmund Santhara First Non-Bumi MP to Join Bersatu

Edmund Santhara Kumar has become the first non-bumiputera MP to join Bersatu.

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