Dr M: Flip-Flops Necessary to Right Wrong Decisions

Mahathir has justified allegations of his flip-flops on various issues, as something necessary, to right wrong decisions made.

Rulers Have Nothing to Fear from Rome Statute

The Malay rulers have nothing to fear from Malaysia’s ratification of the Rome Statute, said prominent thinker Chandra Muzaffar.

Shiaphobia Blamed for Amri’s Enforced Disappearance

Alleged fear mongering to whip up anti-Shia Islam and anti-Christian sentiments in the country.

Najib Suggests ‘Apology Room’ for Those Seeking His Forgiveness

Najib said Malaysians now realise that Pakatan's allegations against him are nothing but slander, a day after his trial began.

BN’s Noh Omar: Stealing’s Only a Crime if You’re Caught

BN lawmaker Noh Omar told the Dewan Rakyat today that stealing is only a crime when a person is caught red-handed.

Patriot Urges Cops to Nab Those Inciting Racial Hatred

Disgusting tactic used by Opposition - pitting the Chinese against the Malays by targeting DAP and Guan Eng.

Ramkarpal: Let the Truth Be Told in a Fair Way

Allow the law to take its course the way it always has, Ramkarpal says of Najib's trial.

Lingerie Brand Founder Apologises After Blaming Women for Rape, Men Watching...

A homegrown lingerie business owner came under fire after saying women should not blame men for rape and watching pornography.

Don’t Forget How PAS Treated Umno, Warns Rafidah

Rafidah Aziz dismissed the Umno-PAS cooperation, saying the relationship was only forged to acquire more votes.

Ismail Sabri’s Jihad Hate Speech

Umno, PAS using race to frighten Malay-Muslims, says Muhyiddin, while Loke steers clear of Umno-PAS bait and emphasises on policy and moderation.

UK, George Clooney Urge Brunei to Drop Death Penalty for Gay...

George Clooney calls for boycott of hotels connected to Brunei.

Sherlock Star Cumberbatch Cuts Ties with Mokhzani over Dr M’s Anti-Semitism

A UK-based television production company is cutting off ties with its director, Mokhzani Mahathir, over his father, Dr Mahathir's anti-Semitic views.

Christchurch Killings: Deputy Minister Highlights Hypocrisy of Malaysian Politicians

Raja Bahrain on the hypocrisy of Malaysian politicians.

Kadir: Prove You Are Not Clowns, Don’t Hide Behind Dr M

Political leaders must not depend on Dr Mahathir to defend them if they want the government to exist beyond a single term.

Mujahid’s Reformist Façade

Dennis Ignatius on the reformist façade of some PH leaders and Malaysia’s extreme tolerance of extremism.




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