Activist Criticises PM for Referring to Malays as Indigenous People of...

Kua Kia Soong, criticising Mahathir for referring to Malays as the indigenous people of Malaysia, said today only the Orang Asli are recognised by the Federal Constitution as indigenous.

Activist Accuses Home Ministry of Sticking to BN’s Blueprint, Wants Reforms

A Penang-based activist has accused the Home Ministry of failing to initiate reforms despite Pakatan Harapan being in power for 17 months.

Kit Siang: Hew’s No Communist

Lim Kit Siang on Hew being neither communist nor communist sympathiser.

Report: Hisham’s Brother to Transfer Security-Label Concession to Dr M’s Cronies...

Since 2014, Haris Onn Hussein has monopolised the security labels for cigarettes, beer and liquor in Malaysia.

Kadir to Professors Council: Do Your Job

Kadir Jasin today urged the NPC to fulfil its role as a council of academics in the wake of a spat between the group and P Ramasamy over a speech at the recent Malay Dignity Congress.

Cecil Rajendra: Oppose Unjust Laws with Every Fibre of Your Being

Multi-award-winning poet and lawyer Cecil Rajendra says lawyers must oppose inherently unjust laws with "every fibre of our being and campaigning for their repeal".

Kit Siang Claims Plot to Break Up PH Is Part of...

The purported conspiracy to dismantle the PH government is meant to spare Najib from answering charges of misappropriating millions from 1MDB.

Bent on Collecting Entry Charges at KLIA2 Transportation Hub

Segi Astana Sdn Bhd, operator of the gateway@klia2 integrated complex, decided that car drivers only need to pay RM5 for entry into the transportation hub.

Zaid Ibrahim: I Salute Wong Yan Ke

It takes a 23-year-old student to show the country that we have to stand up to racist ideas and are not afraid of them, before they will burn this country down.

UM Student Protester Deserves Our Respect

Dennis Ignatius weighing in on the convocation controversy.

Call on VC to Withdraw UM’s Police Report

The University of Malaya Vice-Chancellor Abdul Rahim Hashim should withdraw the University’s police report and stop targeting student activists for their protests but to address them.

Six Million UMNO-PAS Supporters Could Not Save Utusan’s Dignity

Finance Twitter on the death of oldest Malay newspaper.

The ‘New Normal’ in Malaysia Baru

Mahathir made no secret of his disdain for non-Malays at the Malay Dignity Congress. I suppose no one was really surprised that the recently concluded...

Kling’s Silly Racist Statements Have Done More Damage Than Good to...

Despite being the majority race in the country, the Malays still have to “threaten, intimidate and bully the minorities with false accusations in order to redeem their so-called dignity”.

After Malay Congress, Zaid Claims ‘Bipolar’ Harapan Need Anwar Pill

Zaid Ibrahim discarded his lawyer's robe for a medical coat and conducted a psychiatric evaluation of Pakatan Harapan.

Mariam Mokhtar Tells PH: You Deserve to Lose

Mariam Mokhtar on PH's Tg Piai loss.

Dr M’s Legal Adviser: Time for Authorities to Update on Sex Video

Dr Mahathir's legal adviser, Haniff Khatri, said police and the AGC should update the public on the status of the investigation into the sex video implicating Azmin.

Ex-Telco Boss Jason Lo Charged with Trespassing, Drug Abuse

Former telecommunications company CEO and musician Jason Lo was today charged with trespassing into a house and injecting a drug into his body.

Amri’s Wife Sues Police, 20 Others over Probes into His Disappearance

The wife of Amri Che Mat has taken legal action against the police and government over the social activist's disappearance three years ago.

Teo: No Policy Barring Opposition MPs from School Events

The circular on VIPs attending programmes organised by schools and the use of school premises by outsiders is a guideline.

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