Zakir Naik: Most Non-Muslims in Malaysia Like Me

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has claimed that he is liked by the majority of non-Muslims in Malaysia.

Rafidah: Bowing to Small Groups Harping on Race and Religion No...

National Economic Action Council member Rafidah Aziz has told Putrajaya not to bow to minority groups that harped on race and religion issues.

Rafidah: Stop Talking About PM Transition, Get on with Governing

Malaysians should stop talking about leadership transitions as it spooks potential investors.

Rafidah: Many More Priorities Than Flying Car

Outspoken Rafidah Aziz has poured cold water on the flying car project touted by Redzuan Yusof.

Rafidah: Khat Should Be Elective Subject

Rafidah Aziz weighs in on khat.

Zaid: Learn Khat and Other Beautiful Things on Own Time, School...

The limited hours in school should be utilised for the pursuance of practical knowledge.

Daim Backs Needs-Based Approach to Curb Abuses of Past Bumi Policies

Daim Zainuddin has backed a needs-based approach to help the country's poor.

Amid Jawi Backlash, Kit Siang Warns Against Falling for Racial Conspiracy...

Lim Kit Siang said Malaysian’s must be careful not to fall into the trap of conspirators who want to pit race against race, religion against religion to arouse suspicion, distrust and hatred.

Khat: An Unnecessary Distraction

Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius is of the view that Mahathir does us all a great disservice by keeping Maszlee at a post he is clearly unfit to hold.

Kit Siang: Don’t Obsess over PM Issue When So Much Else...

I spent two days in Chennai, where I had the opportunity to meet Malaysians and Malaysian students in the Tamil Nadu capital.

One Too Many Gaffes by Perak MB

Mariam Mokhtar mulls if Mahathir will remove this MB and replace him with a more competent PH candidate.

Kadir Advises Ministers with ‘Uncontrollable Urges’ to Act in ‘G-Rated’ Videos

How the sex video implicating Azmin Ali has assumed a life of its own.

Zakir Naik Should Leave Malaysia Voluntarily

Lim Kit Siang agrees with Anas Zubedy on why Zakir Naik should leave Malaysia voluntarily.

Orang Asli Need Help Now, Not Conversion

Maria Mokhtar calls for priority to be on improving the daily lives of the Orang Asli.

PH a One-Term Wonder?

Dennis Ignatius laments the mess we are in and our losing a historic opportunity to realise the dream of Malaysia Baru.


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