DAP’s New Rule: No More Accepting ‘Datukships’

DAP leaders are in politics to serve the people and not seek fame, titles or positions, says Anthony Loke.

Anwar Collects Litter on PD Beach While Jogging

During his routine daily morning jogging, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been seen picking up rubbish on the beach before starting his hectic day.

Mandarin-Speaking Officials Start Duty at KLIA

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has deployed Mandarin-speaking officials at the KL International Airport and KLIA2.

Going Public with Asset Declarations Hailed by Malaysians

Going public with asset declarations hailed by Malaysians.

Celebrating Malaysian Hospitality with Malaysia Airlines’ Malaysia Day Video

Celebrating Malaysian hospitality with Malaysia Airlines' Malaysia Day video.

‘Malaysia 1’ Vehicle Plate Fetches Highest Bid of RM1,111,111

'Malaysia 1' vehicle plate fetches highest bid of RM1,111,111.

Loke Receives, Declares, Returns Gift of Phone at Launch

Transport Minister Anthony Loke receives, declares and returns a gift of a smartphone at a launch.

All AES Summonses Cancelled, Strict Enforcement from Sept 1

All AES summonses will be cancelled, with strict enforcement from Sept 1.

One Voice for Setia

Politicians from both sides of the divide sing the classic patriotic song Setia.

Survey: Declining Euphoria but Dr M Highly Popular

A survey shows the euphoria of GE14 is declining but Dr Mahathir Mohamad is highly popular.

Mum Hurls Children from Burning Apartment Before Dying

A woman hurls her children from a burning apartment before dying.

Perak Opposition Leader to Get Perks

The Perak opposition leader will get perks such as an office, official car, two special officers, a driver and additional allowance every month.

RM1.6B BSH, Formerly BR1M, to be Paid from Mid-Aug

RM1.6 billion BSH, formerly BR1M, to be paid from mid-August.

Patriotic Song ‘Setia Negaraku’ Captures GE14 Euphoria

The patriotic song 'Setia Negaraku' captures the euphoria of GE14.

Revived Pacquiao Stuns Matthysse to Claim Welterweight Crown

Revived Pacquiao stuns Matthysse to claim welterweight crown.




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