Seeking to Restore Public Faith in the Police, IGP to Reopen...

Bukit Aman will be reinvestigating thousands of “cold” cases that were never completed due to a lack of leads.

Dewan Rakyat Creates History Passing Constitution Amendment Bill Through Bipartisanship

Federal Constitution amended to lower voting age to 18.

Jalan Semangat in PJ Renamed Jalan Khoo Kay Kim

The Selangor government will rename Jalan Semangat in Petaling Jaya to Jalan Khoo Kay Kim.

Green Activist Refuses to Back Down After Brazen Red Paint Attack

Environmental activist Pua Lay Peng is angered and upset by a brazen paint attack on her sister and her house in Kuala Langat but is determined not to back down.

Cops Banned from Patronising Entertainment Outlets

IGP Hamid Bador says all entertainment and gaming outlets will be off-limits for policemen, as part of efforts to prevent corruption in the force.

Parliament House Now Has Smart Convenience Store

The parliament house in Kuala Lumpur, in achieving a milestone of sorts, has created history by becoming the first parliamentary institution to feature a smart convenience store in its premises.

IGP: Corruption in Police Force a ‘Major Sin’, Must be Stamped...

Eliminating elements of corruption is a priority and the first step in strengthening the police force, says IGP Abdul Hamid Bador.

Blind, Autistic AGT Contestant Kodi Lee a Viral Inspiration After Earning...

A stunning perfornance by blind and autistic Kodi Lee in the season 14 opener of America's Got Talent.

Salahuddin Sick of Party Members Whining for Contracts

Putrajaya will enhance transparency in awarding tenders for projects.

Anwar: When I Become PM, Dr M Will Continue to Play...

Mahathir will still play a vital role as a statesman even after a change of leadership, says Anwar.

Matriculation No Longer Relevant but Ending It Is Political Suicide

The matriculation system is no longer relevant today, 20 years since it was first introduced.

Touching Malaysian Short Film Wins Italian Film Fest Award

Malaysian short film My Ba's Radio took home the Best Short Film award at the Mantova Lovers Short Film Festival in Italy.

DAP’s Performance So Far Impressive, Soi Lek Concedes

Guan Eng credited for managing to recoup much of what government lost.

Shared Prosperity as Foundation for Next Decade

PH’s future direction under the theme ‘Shared Prosperity 2030’, where the focus would be on economic development.

Bersih: PH Performance Commendable for Now, Long Road Ahead

While many objectives have yet to be achieved, PH has done a commendable job in its first year in government.

If China Permits, 78 Malaysians in Wuhan May Return

The government will hold discussions with China on bringing back the 78 Malaysians quarantined in Wuhan.

Nga: DAP Will Not Hesitate to Leave PH Government if UEC Not Recognised

DAP’s and Harapan allies’ accomplishments neither recognised nor applauded by the public.

Final Moments of Kobe Bryant’s Fatal Helicopter Crash

The time from descent to impact was probably about a minute.

Man Charged with Cheating Businessman of RM900K for “Datuk Seri”, “Datuk” Titles

A man pleaded not guilty in the Selayang Session Court today to cheating a businessman of more than RM900,000 for “Datuk Seri” and “Datuk” titles

Saifuddin: Zuraida’s Office Received Letter of Demand on Jan 20

Zuraida sends aide to submit reply to show-cause letter at PKR HQ, where her supporters and detractors were gathered.

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