Free Bus Service in Seremban

Seremban folks can now use a free bus shuttle service to get to several places, including the wet market and hospital,

RM7.9B GST, IRB Refunds Paid Out Since March 3

The government has returned a total of RM7.9 billion of the outstanding Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Inland Revenue Board (IRB) owed payers.

Daim Denounces “Malays Under Threat” as Nonsensical Political Rhetoric

Malays bought into the nonsensical political rhetoric that they are being threatened by the non-Malays in this country, that Islam is under threat.

Dr M Disagrees with Arrest of Activist Insulting Him

Paving the way to reforms.

Government Successfully Prices RM7.3B Samurai Bond

The Malaysian government successfully priced its 200 billion yen (RM7.3 billion) 10-year Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Guaranteed Samurai Bond.

Survey: Malaysians Now Trust Their Government

Malaysians are now showing trust in the government, in contrast to just a year ago.

Muslim Lawyers: A-G Unbiased, Country Needs Him

Following attacks claiming Tommy Thomas is racist and anti-Islam, two Muslim lawyers have come out to defend him and deny the accusations.

DAP’s Dr Boo: Those Against PH’s GE14 Promises Should Quit

Johor DAP committee member Boo Cheng Hau has urged those against Pakatan's pre-election promises to quit.

Kian Ming: Chinese Invested RM8B Here After GE14

More than RM8 billion investment from China after PH took over government.

Mastering English – Dr M Tells Educators to Play Major Role

Dr Mahathir today reminded educators to continue playing their roles to realise the desire of the government in producing a generation who could master English.

Foodpanda Slashes Delivery Fees, Minimum Order

On-demand food delivery service provider foodpanda has kick-started 2019 with lower fees.

Getting It Right, Top Stories and Newsmakers in 2018

Since winning Putrajaya in the GE14, the PH administration has not been immune to criticism, especially after the euphoria of overthrowing BN died off.

In Festive Mood, Malaysians Say No to Divisive Politics

It was a festive mood in the city as Klang Valley residents flooded the streets of Kuala Lumpur to take in the Christmas celebration and festive sales.

Fundraising to Buy Seafield Temple Land Discontinued

TheSun will cease collection of donations for the “Save Seafield Temple Fund” with immediate effect.

28-Year-Old Malaysian Listed on Forbes 30 Under 30

A 28-year-old Malaysian entrepreneur has been listed under the Forbes 30 under 30 for her achievements in developing a non-toxic skincare line for children.




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