Wanted: 3 Suspects over Alleged Abuse of 16-Year-Old Who Died

Police are on the lookout for three suspects over the alleged abuse of a 16-year-old student who died.

Umno Rules No Contest Against Najib, Zahid for Top Two Posts

Umno rules no contest against Najib and Zahid for the top two posts.

California Fire Burns Bel-Air Mansions as Spread Continues

California fire burns Bel-Air mansions as spread continues.

Suspect Surrendered and Confessed to Sungai Petani Stabbed Victim’s Murder

A suspect surrendered and confessed to the murder of a moneylender that he stabbed.

Police Baffled by Arms Found at POCA Detainee’s Home, Looking into...

The police are baffled by a large cache of firearms found at a POCA detainee's home and are looking into the hired killer theory.

Not Passion but Revenge Motive for Murder of Woman Found in...

The murder of a woman found in an oil Palm Estate in Kampar was a crime of revenge and not passion as previously thought.

Nhaveen Murder Case Postponed Again

The Nhaveen murder case has been postponed a second time.

Chef Detained for Murder Probe

A chef was detained to help with investigations into the murder of a man found dead with a stab wound on his chest in Sungai Petani.

Help for Malaysian Fleeing Abuse Barred from Boarding Flight Home

A Malaysian woman fleeing her abusive mother-in-law in India was barred from boarding her flight home to Kuala Lumpur because she had overstayed.

Datuk Charged with Cheating over Purchase of BMW Car

Businessman Datuk C Anand Raja was charged with cheating over the purchase of a BMW car.


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