Lim Kit Siang and Former IGP Fail to Settle Defamation Dispute

Lim Kit Siang's defamation suit against Hanif Omar over the latter's speech at a convention a year ago will go to trial in April next year.

Couple Charged with Murder of 2-year-old Daughter in 2014

Burnt corpse of the child was found in a metal pot inside the flat.

DAP MP Rayer: Pandikar, Salleh Should Not Be Allowed to “Worm...

Pandikar apologises to Anwar while Salleh Keruak backs him as prime minister.

Khazanah Sells Prince Court Medical Centre for RM1.02B

Khazanah today announced that it is selling Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur for RM1.02 billion in cash.

Musa Aman’s Son Confirmed as PPBM Member

Yamani Hafez Musa, the son of former chief minister Musa Aman, has been confirmed as a PPBM member, ending months of speculation over his position.

Bodies of Husband and Wife in Suitcases: Two Brothers Charged with...

A pair of brothers have been jointly charged with the murder of a couple whose bodies were found stuffed in bags in August.

Panther Spotted Near Homes in Dungun

If two months ago two tigers spotted roaming near Dungun sparked headlines, now a panther has been spotted in an area nearby.

Anwar to Zuraida: Special “Reconciliation” Meet Unnecessary, Attend PKR Meetings

Anwar Ibrahim has issued another reminder to Zuraida Kamaruddin to attend leadership meetings.

Bidayuh Leader: Hadi’s Hate Speech Not Welcomed in Sarawak

A Bidayuh leader from DAP has chastised PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for what he claimed was the spreading of hate speech in Sarawak.

Federal Government Will Restore Sabah, Sarawak’s Status

Dr Mahathir says the PH government is endeavouring to restore the status of Sabah and Sarawak as partners in the Federation, as provided for in the MA63.

Dr M Not Against Selling MAS to Foreigners

The government will not rule out the possibility of selling MAS to foreign takers, if the price is right.

Dr M: Daim Highly Influential

PM denied Daim wielded a lot of influence in the government although not an elected representative.

Dr M: Khazanah Strayed from Core Businesses, Needs to Be Reined...

Khazanah Nasional Bhd has strayed outside of its core businesses and invested in too many things.

Dr M on Selling Properties Govt Does Not Need, Cabinet Reshuffle,...

Dr Mahathir today reiterated concerns over the country’s financial situation, saying Putrajaya is looking to sell non-essential properties both locally and abroad.

Petrol Price Stays Despite Global Spike

The price of RON95 fuel will remain the same for the time being, as global prices spiked following attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.


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