MyPPP Claims Kayveas Sacked

MyPPP claims Kayveas was sacked.

Kayveas Resigns as MyPPP President

Kayveas resigns as myPPP president two weeks ahead of GE14.

Sarawak BN’s Candidates

Sarawak Barisan Nasional's candidates.

PKR Winners Who ‘Jump Ship’ to Pay RM10M Fine

PKR winners who 'jump ship' will have to pay an RM10 million fine.

Sarawak DAP Seat Swap

Sarawak DAP candidates list.

BN’s Negri Sembilan Lineup

BN's Negri Sembilan lineup.

Selangor BN’s Candidates List

Selangor BN's candidates list.

Suspects Talked About Eating Body-in-Cement Murder Victim

Suspects talked about eating the body-in-cement murder victim.

Melaka BN Candidates

Melaka BN candidates for GE14.

Sabah’s Jeffrey Kitingan Issued Bankruptcy Notice

Sabah's Jeffrey Kitingan has been issued a bankruptcy notice.


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