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Child Molester Fainted upon Hearing Court Verdict

Cabbie collapsed in court upon hearing the verdict for molesting his stepdaughter.

Swallowed Up by the Ground

Woman swallowed by a hole that opened up in the floor at a train station in Shenzhen.

US Navy Recovers Remains of All Sailors Missing After USS McCain...

US Navy recovers remains of all sailors missing after USS John S McCain collision.

Thieves on the Run After Causing Death of Woman in Highway...

Car thieves caused the death of a woman driver in highway crash.

Sombre Farewell for Genting Matriarch

Funeral of Genting matriarch Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua.

Spanish Attacks Death Toll Rises to 16 After Woman Dies in...

Spanish attacks death toll rises to 16 after woman dies in hospital.

Housewife Escaped Gallows for Bashing Own Baby to Death

Melaka housewife escaped the gallows when she was found to be of unsound mind when she bashed her baby to death and was confined to a psychiatric hospital.

Berkeley Corner Supporters Resist Police and Authorities

Berkeley Corner restaurant patrons and supporters resist the police and Klang town council officers when they tried to remove furniture from the popular eatery.

Storm Pakhar Hit Hong Kong and Macau Days After Deadly Hato

Storm Pakhar hit Hong and Macau days after deadly Hato.

Motorcyclist Killed in Karak Highway Ferrari Crash

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash involving a Ferrari on the Karak Highway.

More SEA Games Flag Woes Leave Us Red-Faced

More SEA Games flag woes.

Datuk Among 35 Nabbed in Operations to Bust ‘Ah Long’ Syndicates

Datuk among 35 nabbed in operations to bust 'Ah Long' syndicates.

Explosive Footage of BMW Crashing, Bursting into Flames

Driver of BMW killed when his car slammed into a road sign and burst into flames in China.

Housewife Pleads Not Guilty to Posting False Statement on FB

Housewife charged with posting a false statement on Facebook.

Genting Tycoon’s Widow Dies at 88

Genting founder Lim Goh Tong's widow dies at 88.




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