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Suspect Charged with Cheating Loses His Cool

Suspect charged with cheating loses his cool, shouting "enough" at photographers capturing his face.

Several Hurt in Terrorist Incident on London Underground Train

Twenty-two people injured in a terrorist incident on a London underground train.

Aftermath of Religious School Fire

Clarification on several issues relating to the blaze at the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah Religious Residential School and updates on developments.

Theresa May and Najib Reaffirm Strong UK-Msia Ties

Theresa May and Najib reaffirm strong UK-Malaysia ties.

Massive Floods Bring Penang to a Standstill

Massive floods bring Penang to a standstill.

Parents Die Trying to Save Son in Boiling Volcanic Crater

Parents of a boy who fell into a boiling volcanic crater died while trying to save him.

Burger Seller Charged with Raping Two Teen Daughters

Burger seller charged with raping two teenage daughters.

What Malaysians Want Most for Budget 2018

What Malaysians want most for Budget 2018.

Offences Against Two Sultans

A woman was arrested for hugging and kissing the Sultan of Johor and a man was detained for insulting the late Sultan of Kedah.

Fire at Religious School Kills 22 Students, Two Teachers

Fire at a religious school in Datuk Keramat kills 22 students and two teachers.

Female Grab Car Driver Charged with Humiliating Cops

A female Grab Car driver was charged with two counts of humiliating two policemen.

Datuk Patient Arrested for Allegedly Groping Nurse in SJ Hospital

A Datuk who is the CEO of a major real estate and investment company has been remanded for allegedly groping a nurse at a private hospital in Subang Jaya.

“The World’s Biggest Spender” Now in Huge Debt

Hong Kong-born billionaire Stephen Hung in huge debt.

Singapore Names First Woman President, Raising Eyebrows over Election Process

Singapore names Halimah Yacob as its first woman president although Singaporeans are upset over the election process.

Should You Get Excited About the iPhone X?

Apple unveils the iPhone X.




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