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Two Young Cyclists Killed in Pontian Crash Used Regular Not Modified...

The two young cyclists killed in the Pontian crash were using regular and not modified bikes as initially reported.

Mukhriz Denies Dr M, Kit Siang Had Secret Plot to Make...

Mukhriz denies Dr Mahathir and Kit Siang had a secret plot to make him Prime Minister.

Guan Eng’s Graft Trial May Affect His GE14 Candidacy

Guan Eng's graft trial may affect his GE14 candidacy.

Actor Farid Kamil Arrested for Assaulting Cop, Civilian at Police Station

Actor Datuk Farid Kamil was arrested for assaulting a cop and a civilian at a police station.

$70M Reward on Offer in Hunt for Missing MH370

$70 million reward on offer in hunt for missing MH370 by private salvage firm Ocean Infinity.

Eric Tsang Allegedy Raped Yammie Lam

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang allegedly raped 1980s actress Yammie Lam.

Duo Charged with JB Petrol Station Murder

Duo charged with Johor Baru petrol station murder as manhunt continues for fugitives hiding in Thailand and nine new suspects.

Dr M: Pakatan Not Out for Revenge Against Corrupt Politicians

Dr Mahathir says Pakatan is not out for revenge against corrupt politicians.

Dr M Barred from Visiting Anwar

Dr Mahathir was barred from visiting Anwar Ibrahim in hospital.

Woman’s Boyfriend Caught Trying to Dump Her Strangled Daughter

A woman's boyfriend was caught trying to dump her strangled daughter's body.

Johor Sultan Invests in Pharma Manufacturing Zone in Sri Lanka

Johor Sultan invests in pharmaceutical manufacturing zone in Sri Lanka.

What’s Next for Furby

What's next for Furby, the abused dog.

Terry Yee Slapped with RM8K Fine for Dog Abuse

Terry Yee slapped with RM8,000 fine for abusing a dog named Furby which was captured on a video that went viral.

Kuantan Toddler Survives Fourth-Floor Fall

A Kuantan toddler miraculously survives falling from a fourth-floor flat.

Teen Dies After Fainting While Job-Hunting in Bahau Mall

An 18-year-old girl fainted and died while job-hunting at a mall in Bahau.

Political Manoeuvrings to Oust the PH Government

The day’s flurry of meetings and frenzy of activities.

Junta Helped in 1MDB Cover-Up

A banned Thai opposition party today accused the former military junta of helping cover up Malaysia’s multi-billion-dollar 1MDB scandal.

Two Legal Eagles Claw Maszlee over LTTE

In a statement yesterday, Maszlee said Attorney-General Tommy Thomas was wrong to withdraw the cases and that he should toe the government's line on LTTE being a terrorist group.

Ipoh Teenage Girl Killed in Jealousy-Fuelled Attack

A teenage girl here died in an attack believed to have been fuelled by jealousy.

Dr M to Have Audience with Agong

Dr Mahathir is expected to have an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong today as the rumour mill over the country’s political situation goes into overdrive.

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