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Tropicana: Buyer Happy with Her Apartment

Amended report on Tropicana property buyer.

Cancel Singaporean Black Metal Band Devouror’s Easter Gig, Churches Urge

CCM wants to know why the authorities have allowed Singapore-based black metal group Devouror to perfom in Malaysia on Easter Sunday.

Rebranding Rosmah’s Brainchild Permata as Genius

Permata will now be called Genius as it is set to undergo a rebranding process.

Suhakam Chairman Resigns

Speculation that Razali must have been frustrated by the government’s cool reaction to Suhakam’s findings on missing persons and Putrajaya’s “U-turns”.

More Good News from Improved ECRL Deal

A much better ECRL deal.

Two Teenage Girls Missing in PJ After Celebrating Tamil New Year

Two teenage girls have gone missing after celebrating the Tamil New Year together on April 14.

China Company to Refund Part of RM3.1B ECRL Advance

ERCL deal includes palm oil trade but not Jho Low.

New Johor MB to Be Sworn In Tomorrow

Sultan Ibrahim has accepted the resignation of Osman Sapian as Mentri Besar.

Ex-MAS Flight Attendant Jailed 5 Years for Smuggling Heroin into Melbourne

A former MAS flight attendant, who was caught trying to smuggle 3.5kg of heroin into Melbourne, Australia, in May last year, has been sentenced to five years and six months in prison.

Tan Sri Kenneth Eswaran, Wife Charged with Exploiting Indon Maid

Former president of MAICCI and his wife were charged with three counts of exploitation and forced labour in relation to their three Indonesian domestic workers.

Report: Malaysia Close to Sealing ECRL Revival Deal

Malaysia is close to sealing an agreement with China to revive the ECRL project.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested by British Police at Ecuadorean Embassy

US has requested the extradition of Julian Assange.

PM Dismisses Suggestion for Muhyiddin to be Johor MB

Spat between Dr Mahathir and Johor palace continues.

Kelantan Palace Revokes Ex-Tabung Haji Chairman Azeez’s Datukship

The Kelantan palace has revoked the “Dato” title that Abdul Azeez received from Sultan Muhammad V.

Dr M: Najib Will Be Punished for Breaching Parliament Embargo on...

Najib not above Parliament rules for leaking embargoed White Paper.




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