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Pandemonium as MPs Trade Barbs over “Gangster” Term, Ramkarpal Ejected

Pandemonium as MPs trade barbs over "gangster" term, with Ramkarpal being ejected.

Thai Cave Boys Relive Ordeal

Thai cave boys relive ordeal.

Waytha’s “Ghostly” Friend a Man Devoted to Peace

Waytha's "ghostly" friend a man devoted to peace.

Like Father, Like Son: Musa, Yamani Gone Missing

Like Father, like son - Yamani has gone missing like Musa.

Woman’s Body Chopped, Stuffed into Two Suitcases Identified

The woman whose body was chopped and stuffed into two suitcases has been identified.

41-Year-Old Father of Six Wanted to Marry Child Bride Since She...

41-year-old father of six wanted to marry child bridge since was 7.

Five Senators Appointed as One Minister, Four Deputy Ministers

Five senators were appointed as one minister and four deputy ministers.

Second Woman to be Chief Judge of Malaya Sworn In

Second woman to be Chief Judge of Malaya sworn in.

The King Opens First Session of 14th Parliament

The King opens the first session of 14th Parliament.

Tajuddin Slams Khairy for Sitting out of Walkout

Tajuddin slams Khairy for sitting out of walkout.

Pro-Umno Group’s Planned Parliament Protest Fails to Kick Off

Pro-Umno group's planned Parliament protest fails to kick off.

Chin Tong, Waythamoorthy, Raja Bahrin Among Senators to be Sworn In

Chin Tong, Waythamoorthy and Raja Bahrin are among the senators to be sworn in.

Brit Diver Who Helped Rescue Thai Kids May Sue Elon Musk...

British diver Vernon Unsworth, who was part of the team that recently rescued a Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave, is considering...

Najib as First-Time Opposition MP

Najib as a first-time Opposition MP.

Posters ‘Legitimising’ Syerleena’s Murder Appear on Facebook

Posters 'legitimising' Syerleena's murder appear on Facebook.

Dennis Ignatius: Look Who’s Talking

Any party which has many of its members charged with corruption, money laundering and abuse of power forfeits the right to talk about honesty and integrity.

Mariam Mokhtar: PAS’ Attempt to Introduce Syariah Law by the Backdoor

Is the suggestion about banning the production and sale of alcohol, another of PAS' knee-jerk reactions, or is it a carefully choreographed attempt to introduce syariah law by the back door?

Drunk Driver Crashes into Motorcycle, Killing Pillion Rider on Federal Highway

A motorcyclist was seriously injured, while his pillion rider died on the spot, after a car, with a drunk driver at the wheel, crashed into their machine at Kilometre 34.2 of the Federal Highway today.

Trader Charged with Attempted Murder After Mowing Down Bystanders

A trader who drove his lorry into bystanders at Pekan Bukit Sentosa hawker area in Hulu Selangor two days before Aidilfitri is charged with attempted murder in the magistrate’s court today.

Hamzah: Dr M Told Me to Find a Way for Bersatu to Quit PH,...

Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin has blamed Dr Mahathir as the cause of the party’s split on whether to leave PH.

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