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Not Unconstitutional to Appoint Non-Muslims in Top Govt Posts

Not unconstitutional to appoint non-Muslims in top government posts, says Mohamed Hanipa Maidin.

Gobind Slams Gerakan, Says He, Kula and Xavier Raised Zakir Naik

Gobind slams Gerakan, saying he, Kula and Xavier raised Zaikir Naik at Cabinet.

Maria Chin: Drop All Probes on Fadiah and Abolish Oppressive Law

Maria Chin calls for all probes on Fadiah to be dropped and oppressive laws to be abolished.

Tommy Thomas Won over Crowd with BM Speech

Tommy Thomas won over crowd with BM speech.

Pos Malaysia Reviewing Entire Postal System

Pos Malaysia is reviewing the entire postal system.

Top Judges Sworn In

David Wong was sworn in as the new Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak while Ahmad Maarop was sworn in as the new president of the Court of Appeal.

Khairy Blasts Umno for Going into Racism Instead of Reform After...

Khairy blasts Umno for going into racism instead of reform after GE14.

Grab Driver Allegedly Raped Sleeping Passenger, Assaulted by Her Husband

A Grab driver allegedly raped a sleeping passenger and was assaulted by her husband.

Nga Tipped to be Deputy Speaker

Nga Kor Ming tipped to be the new Deputy Speaker.

Ex-Female Politician Charged with Causing Four Deaths While Drink Driving

An ex-female politician has been charged with causing four deaths while drink driving.

LRT3 Back on Track with Final Price Cut by 47% to...

LRT3 back on track with final price cut by 47% to RM16.63 billion.

College Lab Assistant Killed Colleague for Taunting Him

A 57-year-old woman was stabbed and strangled to death by her 28-year-old colleague at their workplace on Wednesday (July 11) afternoon. Zaimah Mahmod, who...

Tahfiz School Teacher Arrested for Performing Oral Sex on Teenage Student

A tahfiz school teacher was arrested for performing oral sex on a teenage student.

Malanjum Likely New CJ

Malanjum likely to be new CHief Justice.

Anthony Loke Made DAP’s Parliamentary Leader

Anthony Loke made DAP's parliamentary leader.

Dennis Ignatius: Look Who’s Talking

Any party which has many of its members charged with corruption, money laundering and abuse of power forfeits the right to talk about honesty and integrity.

Mariam Mokhtar: PAS’ Attempt to Introduce Syariah Law by the Backdoor

Is the suggestion about banning the production and sale of alcohol, another of PAS' knee-jerk reactions, or is it a carefully choreographed attempt to introduce syariah law by the back door?

Drunk Driver Crashes into Motorcycle, Killing Pillion Rider on Federal Highway

A motorcyclist was seriously injured, while his pillion rider died on the spot, after a car, with a drunk driver at the wheel, crashed into their machine at Kilometre 34.2 of the Federal Highway today.

Trader Charged with Attempted Murder After Mowing Down Bystanders

A trader who drove his lorry into bystanders at Pekan Bukit Sentosa hawker area in Hulu Selangor two days before Aidilfitri is charged with attempted murder in the magistrate’s court today.

Hamzah: Dr M Told Me to Find a Way for Bersatu to Quit PH,...

Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin has blamed Dr Mahathir as the cause of the party’s split on whether to leave PH.

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