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Wild Sea Lion Yanks Girl into Water

Watch the video footage of a wild sea lion yanking a young girl into the sea on Canada's west coast.

Suspect in Puchong Rape-Robbery Dies in 12th Floor Fall

Suspect in Puchong rape-robbery case falls to death from 12th floor, trying to evade police arrest.

Malaysia-North Korea Match Postponed Again

Malaysia-North Korea Asian Cup qualifier postponed again due to "geopolitical tension" on the Korean Peninsula.

Police Quiz Maria Chin over December Event

Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin and other Bersih committee members questioned by police over Penang event last December and candlelight vigils in November.

Hannah Yeoh Lodges Report over “Hypocrite” Article

Hannah Yeoh lodges police report against UUM lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff for defamatory statements in "hypocrite" article on Facebook.

iPhone 8 with Likely US$1K Price Tag

Latest renders of Apple iPhone 8 based on leaked blueprints, with anticipation of US$1K price tag and September release.

Held to Ransom by WannaCry

WanaCrypt0r 2.0 or WannaCry ransomware global attack temporarily halted.

TMJ: Footballers may be Poisoned in Pyongyang

Football chief TMJ is worried about safety playing the Malaysia-North Korea Asian Cup qualifier in Pyongyang.

MACC Coming After Givers of Bribes

MACC going after bribe givers, so say no to corruption and instead, report to MACC any acts of graft or abuse of power.

Youthful Macron Moves Up to Highest French Office

Macron wins French election but Twitter is buzzing about he or Canada's Justin Trudeau is the hottest G7 leader!

Red Bull Heir Untouchable?

The True Net's follow-up report to Red Bull Heir on the Run: The Bungled Case exposes the fugitive's carefree lifestyle, unaffected by his crime.

Red Bull Heir on the Run: The Bungled Case

Charged with killing a policeman in a hit-and-run, Red Bull heir is on the run after avoiding persecution for 5 years.

Woman Who Shamed Women Jailed

Singapore woman jailed for selling videos on online sex forum of women changing she had secretly filmed.

From Checkmate to Stalemate in the Making

In the chess tournament dress fracas, tournament director Sophian A Yusof denies involvement, claims slander.

Now You Can Check if You are a Bankrupt Online

You can be made a bankrupt without your even realising it. Now you can check online without going to the Insolvency Department.

Fake Poster of Pro-Anwar NGO Calling for Demonstration Tonight

A PKR-backed NGO has denied it will be holding a demonstration demanding for the transition of power from Dr Mahathir to Anwar Ibrahim in Putrajaya this evening.

Cops Record Statements from Najib, Rosmah on MACC Audio Recordings

Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor today had their statements recorded at Bukit Aman in relation to audio recordings released by the MACC on January 8.

Anwar Pledges Mature Democracy, No Racial Politics as PM

Anwar Ibrahim has promised to stop racial politics and make Malaysia a mature democracy when he assumes office as prime minister.

PKR MPs Approached to Sign Two Different SDs

There are two ongoing initiatives to secure sworn statements from PKR MPs - one supporting Mahathir to serve a full term and another reaffirming PH's agreement on the transition of power.

Anwar on Transition, PH Presidential Council Meet Tomorrow

No one should be pressured on transition of power, says Anwar.

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