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When Tommy Thomas came within a breath of not being A-G

Tommy Thomas was asked to tender his resignation as attorney-general even before he could clock a day on the job – because of Malay opposition to his appointment.

Mariam Mokhtar on the biggest obstacle to a progressive modern Malaysia

The main obstacle to a modern, progressive Malaysia is the educated, professional, well-travelled, English-speaking urban Malay.

C4 Centre questions Najib’s claim of ignorance of meat cartel

The C4 Centre has questioned how Najib Razak could plead ignorance to the existence of the meat cartel syndicate in the country.

Jomo: Emergency does not automatically mean suspension of Parliament

A proclamation of emergency does not necessarily mean Parliament has to be suspended.

Ismail Sabri: 2.8 million may lose jobs if total lockdown imposed

Ismail Sabri Yaakob has today painted a grim picture for Malaysians should another full lockdown is imposed on economic activities like last year.

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