UMNO-PAS Should Stop Hallucinating About a New Govt, Mahathir Is Toying...

The opposition can’t even make up their mind whether they prefer Barisan Nasional, Muafakat Nasional or Pakatan Nasional.

Trump Will Get Re-Elected and There’s Nothing Mahathir Can Do About...

As the world’s oldest prime minister, the outspoken Mahathir continues to lecture the world leaders.

Kadir Dismisses Rumours of Malay-Only Coalition

Kadir Jasin has scoffed at claims that there may be a new coalition of Malay-Bumiputera parties.

Ramkarpal: Rakyat Did Not Vote for Backdoor Government

There should not be any political manoeuvres in the background to form a backdoor government because this was not what the rakyat wanted in voting for PH.

Analysts: PAS ‘Stunt’ Shows Hatred of Non-Muslims, Anwar

PAS’ latest stunt shows, once again, how the party contradicts itself, said political analysts.

Rosmah’s Medical Drama

Rosmah is suffering from “Chronic Adrenal Crisis, Cervical Spondylosis and Osteoarthritis” – sophisticated medical terms for common neck and back pain.

Kit Siang: Demonisers Should Make Up Their Mind About DAP

The many conflicting and contradictory roles DAP is accused of.

Anwar Not Fit to Become Next PM if He’s Too Chicken...

Zuraida’s outburst clearly showed she has zero respect for her own president.

Ibrahim Ali Shocked “Poor Kelantan” Needs Leaders with Luxury Cars

Putra president Ibrahim Ali slammed the PAS-ruled Kelantan government for buying luxury cars for the use of MB despite the people of the state still living in poverty.

Cops Believed to Have Confiscated Original Gay Sex Video in Raid...

Police have apparently discovered the original Semburit video involving Azmin Ali and Haziq Abdullah.

PAS Have New Tales Why They Rewarded Themselves with Mercedes, RM50K

Lust for luxury, greed for money.

Do the Honourable Thing, Zuraida

Regardless of whatever one’s likes or dislikes, as a party member, one must not disrespect the party president.

Guan Eng: Moderation the Way Forward

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s CNY message.

Siti Kasim: Immature PH Making Itself Look Ridiculous

Pakatan Harapan is making itself look ridiculous with its immature approach to the prime minister’s power handover.

Kadir’s Poetic Swipe at Ahmad Maslan – You Can Cook in...

Veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin has penned a poem in response to Ahmad Maslan's poetic defence against the charges of failing to declare RM2 million which he received from Najib.

Daim Against “Pakatan Nasional” Idea

Former finance minister Daim Zainuddin has voiced opposition to calls for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to join forces with PAS and Umno in the purported "Pakatan Nasional" coalition.

Who Will Succeed Wan Azizah as DPM?

The question of who will succeed Wan Azizah as Deputy Prime Minister.

Which PKR MPs Trying to Get Dr M to Stay Full Term? Everyone Denies,...

Anwar Ibrahim had on Thursday confirmed that there was a "plot" to keep Dr Mahathir as prime minister for a full term and admitted the involvement of some MPs from his party.

Government Mulling RM100K Fine, 20 Years’ Jail for Drunk Driving

The government is studying amending the penalty for motorists found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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