Crime Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

In the coming months, many employees in the private sector will be out of jobs, and self-employed people that include freelancers and independent contract workers will be without work.

Just Offer Tabligh Members Yet to Be Tested RM100 Per Head

Something is not right with the numbers.

Sudhagaran Stanley: Can My Backdoor PM Use RM250B Without Parliament’s Approval?

The big question of the legality of announcing the RM250 Billion Economic Aid Package.

Knock-Down Blow for Malaysia’s Tourism Industry

The RM250 billion economic stimulus package announced by Muhyiddin Yassin last Friday was more like a knock-down blow for the local tourism industry.

Patriot: Be Clear on Source of Fund, Distribution Channels

Patriot has voiced their concern that the RM250 billion stimulus package announced were sung praises by politicians and economists without worrying about the source of funds.

Kit Siang: Parliament Must Debate Covid-19 Stimulus Package

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang wants Prime Minister Muhiyiddin Yassin to convene a two-day emergency parliamentary sitting to debate his economic stimulus package.

Mariam Mokhtar on Dumping of Vegetables and Fish

Photos of vegetables and fish being dumped have upset many Malaysians.

As Good as an Admission of Govt Profiteering from the People...

Muhyiddin says now giving free masks bought at only RM1.18.

Kit Siang: Govt Should Provide Cash Covid-19 Aid

Lim Kit Siang today said Muhyiddin Yassin should modify his proposal yesterday to allow withdrawals from the EPF and instead provide cash support from government reserves.

Mariam Mokhtar: Our Leaders Want Power but Have No Clue About...

We are paying the wages, perks and benefits for 70 ministers and their deputies, most of whom have gone quiet; but there is ONE minister, whose voice we should hear.

Dennis Ignatius: Behind the Pandemic, Politics as Usual

Coronavirus or not, the backdoor government’s quest for power and position continues unabated.

10 Deaths After Clueless Health Minister Declared Signs of a Plateau...

When Adham prematurely concluded that Malaysia was out of the woods on March 19, the country already registered its first three deaths.

Logic Versus Law

A video of a cardiologist engaging in a verbal exchange with Penang Island City Council enforcement officers for defying the Movement Control Order (MCO) went viral recently.

Dennis Ignatius: AirAsia’s Highflyers and the Rule of Law

It is being reported that AirAsia co-founders Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun have now been “cleared” of any wrongdoing in relation to the Airbus kickback scandal.

Dennis Ignatius on Coronavirus: Government Must Get Its Act Together Quickly

Clarity of rules and expectations is key to avoiding panic, confusion and misunderstanding.

Bad Times Ahead for SMEs

Thousands of companies could fold and millions of people would lose their jobs in a matter of weeks if the embargo on business activities is prolonged.

Alibaba’s Third Batch of Medical Aid Arrives in Malaysia

The third batch of the Alibaba Mercy Mission flight carrying essential medical supplies in aid of the country's fight against Covid-19 arrived at the KLIA last night.

Politicians Slammed for Vote-Fishing Attempts During Crisis

Outdated tactics that are unethical and immoral, especially when the country is going through a crisis.

Patriot Lodges Police Report over Fake News Targeting President

Patriot has lodged a police report over alleged fake news that involved its president Mohamed Arshad Raji.

Dzulkefly: Tabligh Attendees Slow to Come Forward Due to Lack of Symptoms, Not Distrust

Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad has dismissed the possibility that those who attended the Sri Petaling tabligh event were slow to get tested for Covid-19 since they did not trust authorities.

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