PKR Youth Leader: Rafizi “Forgotten” After Working Hard for PH Victory

A PKR Youth leader has paid tribute to Rafizi Ramli, describing the former Pandan MP as an unsung hero.

Ibrahim Ali: Courts Must Decide if Vernacular Schools Should Exist

Ibrahim Ali said the courts must resolve the controversy surrounding the vernacular schools which obstruct national unity.

Lawyers Fear 12 Charged for Links to LTTE Will Not Receive...

Lawyers have expressed concern that the two DAP lawmakers and 10 others who charged for their purported links to the LTTE may not receive a fair trial.

What Malay Dignity, Kadir Asks After Report of Unpaid Travel Bills

Kadir Jasin takes a dig at Azmin Ali following a report claiming that a travel agency is taking the economic affairs minister to court over RM300,000 in outstanding bills.

DAP Man Blames LTTE Crackdown on Zakir Naik’s Presence

A DAP Youth leader today suggested that the recent crackdown on sympathisers of the LTTE could be due to the presence of controversial preacher Zakir Naik.

Kadir Wants Malaysian Authorities to Do a Mossad on Jho Low

A Kadir Jasin has called for an end to the protracted cat-and-mouse game between the Malaysian authorities and fugitive financier Jho Low.

Jho Low-US Deal Could Be for the Best

Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, Malay, Chinese, or Indian, every Malaysian knows the name Jho Low.

We Are Not “Pendatang”

Those who speak of “pendatang” - in referring to the Chinese and Indians - in this day and age must be really stupid.

Malay Dignity Congress – PM Pretends to Be Upset for Being...

Finance Twitter on the Malay Dignity Congress and Mahathir purposely barking up the wrong tree.

Siti Kasim: Leave Religion to Malay Rulers and Out of National...

Matters concerning the Islamic faith should be left solely to the Malay rulers and not to the government.

Activist Criticises PM for Referring to Malays as Indigenous People of...

Kua Kia Soong, criticising Mahathir for referring to Malays as the indigenous people of Malaysia, said today only the Orang Asli are recognised by the Federal Constitution as indigenous.

Activist Accuses Home Ministry of Sticking to BN’s Blueprint, Wants Reforms

A Penang-based activist has accused the Home Ministry of failing to initiate reforms despite Pakatan Harapan being in power for 17 months.

Kit Siang: Hew’s No Communist

Lim Kit Siang on Hew being neither communist nor communist sympathiser.

Report: Hisham’s Brother to Transfer Security-Label Concession to Dr M’s Cronies...

Since 2014, Haris Onn Hussein has monopolised the security labels for cigarettes, beer and liquor in Malaysia.

Kadir to Professors Council: Do Your Job

Kadir Jasin today urged the NPC to fulfil its role as a council of academics in the wake of a spat between the group and P Ramasamy over a speech at the recent Malay Dignity Congress.

160 MPs Have Declared Assets as Deadline Expires, 62 Have Not

At 36, Umno MPs make up more than half of the 62 lawmakers who have defied the order, while none of the 18 PAS members have complied.

TAR UC’s Trustees Board Unhappy Despite New Government Allocation

The Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) education foundation’s board of trustees is insisting that the federal government has not fulfilled its responsibility to the TAR UC.

Tajuddin Referred to Parliamentary Rights Committee over Holy Ash Remark

The Dewan Rakyat today passed a motion to refer Tajuddin Abdul Rahman to the Rights and Privileges Committee for poking fun at the holy ash or vibhuthi worn by RSN Rayer.

LTTE-Linked Sosma Detainee Threatened with “Blood-Drenched Room”

A LTTE-linked accused was threatened with harm involving a blood-drenched room and being hurled into a “belukar” (wild shrubs area).

Zahid’s Trial: 39 Insurance Policies Totalling RM72K for 20 Vehicles

Zahid and family had bought 39 insurance policies for 20 vehicles owned by his family totalling RM72,209.57 from Allianz General Insurance.

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