G25: The Global Movement of Moderates Foundation Not Moderate Under CEO...

G25 says the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation is not moderate under its CEO from PAS.

Two Biggest Parties Under-Represented in Cabinet

Two biggest parties under-represented in the Cabinet.

Khir Toyo Perplexed at How ‘Fugitive’ Jamal Could be Retained

Khir Toyo is perplexed at how 'fugitive' Jamal Yunus could be retained as a division chief.

DPM: Translation of Official Statements into Other Languages Not Wrong

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said translation of official statements into other languages is not wrong.

Ku Li: Umno Must Apologise to All for Past Mistakes

Ku Li says Umno must apologise to all for its past mistakes.

Lawyers Group: Gani Patail Should Be Probed Too

Lawyers for Liberty called for Gani Patail to be probed.

Zahid: Pakatan Will Fall, Umno Can Take over Putrajaya Before GE15

Zahid predicts that Pakatan will fall and Umno can take over Putrajaya before GE15.

Umno Must Shed Its “Samseng”, Arrogant, Elite Image

Khairy Jamaluddin says Umno must shed its "samseng", arrogant and elite image.

Why Is TMI Acting Like Jho Low’s Spokesman? The Edge Asks

The Edge asks why The Malaysian Insight is acting like a spokesman of Jho Low.

Can Najib Play the Political Persecution Card?

Can Najib play the political persecution card?

Kit Siang on Najib’s Claims of Ignorance over 1MDB: Who Can...

Kit Siang says no one will believe Najib's claims of ignorance over 1MDB.

Tony Pua: Ku Li Ignorant About Stock Market

^Tony Pua says Ku Li is ignorant about the stock market.

Expose All Misdeeds of Previous Government, Kit Siang Says

Expose all misdeeds of the previous administration, Lim Kit Siang says.

Fight for Umno President Down to Either Zahid or Khairy

The fight for Umno president is down to either Zahid or Khairy.

Nazri Says Would Rather Umno Work with DAP and PKR Than...

Nazri Aziz says he would rather Umno work with DAP and PKR than PAS.

Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

After sulking for a month, Hadi appointed as Special Envoy to the Middle East.

Mariam Mokhtar on Unmasking the Moderate Malay Mind, and Putting Malaysia First

The difference between an oyster and a moderate Malay is that it is easier to prise open an oyster than to open the Malay mind.

Look Out for Exodus of Malaysians from Singapore with Shutdown Starting Next Week

Government urged to look into allowing Malaysians in Singapore to return after authorities across the Causeway announced a one-month island-wide shutdown starting next week.

Health DG: Get Used to No Mass Gatherings from 6-12 Months

Malaysians should get used to the absence of mass gatherings in the next six months.

Covid-19: 217 New Cases, 3 More Dead

Covid-19 infections rose by 217 cases today, with 41 students of a tahfiz school testing positive, bringing the total number of infections to 3,333 cases.

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