Doctor’s project of healthcare workers singing Man Bai’s Kau Ilhamku is...

A music video featuring 26 healthcare workers singing the Man Bai hit Kau Ilhamku has been capturing the hearts of Malaysians since its release earlier in the week.

Why PH, Bersatu Reps in Johor call Umno MB Hasni a...

Umno’s Datuk Hasni Mohammad is Johor’s third mentri besar since 2018 and from what both his political allies and foes say, the most affable to date.

Penang Gives Karpal Singh Posthumous Award Bearing Datuk Seri Title

The late Karpal Singh was posthumously conferred the Darjah Utama Pangkuan Negeri (DUPN) at this year’s investiture of the state awards, medals and honour in Penang.

New California Town Mayor Expresses Pride in Malaysian-Vietnamese Roots

The California town of Eastvale has just made history following the appointment of a 25-year-old mayor who is of Malaysian-Vietnamese heritage.

Guan Eng Shares Syed Saddiq’s Birthday Note to Him

Taking to Facebook, Lim Guan Eng shared a personal handwritten note penned by Syed Saddiq to mark his birthday.

Nine-Year-Old Malaysian’s Invention Wins 1st Place in Nasa’s Lunar Loo Challenge

Kang received an official certificate from Nasa for his hard work.

World Bank Report: Malaysia’s Anti-Graft Efforts Got Major Boost in 2018...

Malaysia’s anti-corruption efforts improved significantly after PH won the 2018 general election and formed the government, a new World Bank report concluded.

Malaysian Musicians Group’s Free-to-Use Live Recording Studio for Local Acts

It’s been five long months since local circuit musicians have had any jobs.

PJ Police Chief Honours Daughter of Late Cop by Sending Her...

PJ police chief pays tribute to late cop's daughter and mother.

How Two-Legged Canine Marvela Started a Muslim Couple’s Dog-Rescuing Journey

A Muslim couple is breaking taboos about contact with dogs within the Malaysian Muslim community through their work of rescuing stray dogs in need.

Last Patient Discharged from Maeps Quarantine Centre

The Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang (Maeps) Covid-19 quarantine and low-risk treatment centre (PKRC) saw its last patient discharged.

Autistic Artist Gets Praise for Sketch of Dr Noor Hisham on...

Recently, a photo of a portrait of the Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah on a Starbucks cup has been circulating around social media.

“Uncle Kentang” Helps Less Fortunate with Pre-Loved Items at His Pasar...

“Uncle Kentang” is known for his philanthropic work.

Ex-Finas Chairman Hans Isaac to “Return” Salary, Allowances Received to Film...

When Hans Isaac became Finas chairman last year, he made a promise to himself that he would not benefit a single sen from his newfound appointment.

Minister: Fewer Students in a Class Part of New Norm When...

Part of the new norm for schools would be smaller class sizes with fewer students, according to Senior Minister (Education) Mohd Radzi Md Jidin.

Zeti’s husband under investigation over 1MDB funds

Police are investigating Tawfiq Ayman, the husband of Zeti Akhtar Aziz, over 1MDB funds received into his Singapore bank account.

Malaysian govt rakes in 1MDB fines whilst persecuting journalists who exposed the scandal

Spokesmen for the present administration have taken care to praise themselves for the latest settlements achieved from outfits like AmBank and Deloitte.

Where equality for all Malaysians actually stands

Lack of faith in one’s own nation

Pakatan blasts Takiyuddin for “weak and shallow excuses” in not convening Parliament

Harapan today rubbished the reasons given by a PN minister why Parliament cannot be convened during the current emergency rule.

Come clean on decision to withdraw support for Bersatu, Annuar Musa tells Zahid

Annuar Musa today called on Zahid Hamidi to openly explain claims that it will be discontinuing support for the PN coalition in the next general election.

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